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Happy Birthday, Carole

It’s that time of year again, where I write a blog post for Carole’s birthday so that she can have the day off from her blog and celebrate in style. I’m not sure I can top last year’s post but here goes anyway.

When it comes to birthdays around here, we don’t just celebrate, we also contemplate. Of course, the celebrating is a big part of what we do, not only today, but usually a few days on either side of a birthday, too. We include the typical things like family, friends, food, drink and cake, and try to work in some new adventures if possible.

The contemplating, though, is special, and it’s something we try and do regularly, on anniversaries and when the seasons change, but it’s particularly important on birthdays. We sit and talk about the things we accomplished over the past year, who we saw, where we want, etc and we think about what we want to do in the upcoming year. It’s not as formal as setting goals or writing lists (although I have a feeling Carole does that on her own) but it’s definitely a way of identifying the stuff that matters.

For Carole and I, music is always at the center or our celebrations, contemplations, and pretty much everything we do together. I don’t really understand how Spotify works and I can’t operate our Sonos system, but I’m hoping for a special playlist for tonight. First, I want to play our wedding song, Moon River, not just because we love it but also because the full moon coincides with Carole’s birthday this year. Second, it’s the last day of summer so I’m hoping for a dance on the deck to The Summer Wind as one season ends and another begins. Finally, while those two songs are among Carole’s favorites, I recently rediscovered an old favorite of mine, I’ll Never Find Another You. Tonight, I want to hold hands with Carole and wish her a Happy Birthday while that song plays in the background.

It’s a long, long journey
So stay by my side
When I walk through the storm
You’ll be my guide, be my guide
If they gave me a fortune
My pleasure would be small
I could lose it all tomorrow
And never mind at all
But if I should lose your love, dear
I don’t know what I’d do
For I know I’ll never find another you

Happy Birthday, baby, I love you forever.

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  1. Happy Birthday Carole! Dale, I remember the song you quote well but never realized how romantic the words were! Thanks for sharing

  2. Oh, Dale. You do write the most beautiful birthday posts. XOXO I wish you both a lovely evening, dancing away under the full moon to your favorite songs. Happiest birthday wishes to you, Carole! May you enjoy every moment. XOXO

  3. Happy Birthday Carole! And as always Dale hit it out of the park. Have a wonderful day today and evening tonight. xo

  4. What a wonderful and touching birthday post, Dale! I’m wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Carole, and many more happy and contemplative years together!

  5. Happy Birthday, my dearest friend. My wish for you is for health, happiness, and love, today and always. Dale outdid himself (I’m sure it’s my allergies causing my eyes to leak), and I love that he is unabashed in his love for you. Well done, Mr. Dale!

  6. Happy Birthday to Carole! Thanks for the love you have for each other and both willingly share with us! ??

  7. Wow, Dale – you knocked another one out of the park! I’m sure you’ll get that deck dance 🙂 and another wonderful year together. Happy Birthday, Carole!

  8. I’m just getting around to reading this post and realized how much I look forward it every year. You’ve got a true keep Mrs. Julius. Happiest of birthdays to you and enjoy your special celebration.

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