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Spotify Wrapped, 2021

Many of you wrapped up 2021 last week. I, however, took the week off and I will be using the first week or so of 2022 to wrap up the things I read, knit, listened to, and more. Today it’s the music I listened to last year.

One of the things I really love about being a Spotify user is the annual Spotify Wrapped update. As a librarian, I love to collect and study data and Spotify provides lots of data in this video. While I couldn’t figure out a way to share the video, I did take screen shots so that I could share my listening habits with you.

First up, my movie soundtrack. This is silly but also sort of weirdly accurate.

Next up, my top song of 2021. This is the song that Dale and Hannah danced to at her wedding last August. It sums up their relationship perfectly. And I listened to it many, many times in the hopes that I would become desensitized so that I didn’t cry. That didn’t work, just so you know.

Here are my top 5 songs. I think this is although I’m surprised that The Avett Brothers are missing.

How about my audio aura? According to Spotify it’s hopeful and happy. I find that ironic since Dale thinks the music I listen to is mostly sad and depressing. Perhaps because the Avett Brothers didn’t make my top 5.

Here’s a look at my Top Genres. Numbers 1, 2, and 3 make sense, as does Brill Building Pop (I listen to a lot of 1960s stuff for Dale) but big band? Ummmmm . . . what?

My top artist is The Beatles. No surprise there. And since Hey Jude is my favorite Beatles song I’m glad to see it show up as the most played of all of their music.

Finally, this one sums it all up and clocks me in at listening to Spotify for a whopping 17,749 minutes last year.

That’s a lot of really good music, friends. Thanks for the summary, Spotify!

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  1. I’m so out of the loop that I don’t even know what Brill Building Pop is! But if you’re happy listening to it (along with Big Band), that’s a good thing!

  2. Never heard of “Brill building pop” either! I think the Spotify year-end thing is fun . . . but only in a fleeting way to me. I listen to music on multiple platforms (Spotify, but also Apple Music and Sirius), so my Spotify summary doesn’t really capture my “year in music” accurately at all. It’s just my “year in Spotify music” . . . So not really useful or accurate data for me. Glad yours is more relevant for you!

  3. I had to Google Brill Building Pop and I now I am wondering about the artists that wrote music there! (Big Band perhaps?)

    I am nodding to Kym’s comment… I don’t listen exclusively to Spotify, so it does not capture the reality of my listening year! 🙂

  4. Interesting choices, Carole. I don’t listen to enough music since it always helps my mood when I do. This is a great reminder to do better in that area. I love music, but I have not worked it into my routine, so it’s inconsistent in execution. Brill Building Pop???

  5. I’m glad to see some familiar names in your lists; when a lot of people were posting their lists right before the end of the year, I didn’t recognize most of the artists!

  6. I also listen to Spotify Prime but have never seen these lists? I’m using my phone to access Spotify with a blue tooth speaker. How do you access your personal wrap up?

  7. This is really fun. I guess I should open my Spotify Unwrapped! (On the flip side, I’m not a big numbers person…so I just kept on listening into ’22!).
    Fun to see Perfect as your #5. I’m a sucker for that song. Especially the version with Andrea Bocelli. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend watching the recording of that duet on YouTube. Watching Ed Sheeran’s ‘awe’ of Bocelli is pretty moving–as is the love his sons have for him. I get pretty weepy (and a little steamy) every time I watch it.

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