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21 in 2021, The Final Update

There’s some good, some bad, and some downright ugly when it comes to my success with my 21 in 2021 list.

  1. Run for selectman again
  2. Renew passports
  3. Deal with the big bag of socks (didn’t happen)
  4. Get an estimate for the dining room floor (didn’t happen but for a valid reason: this is going to have to wait until we figure out what we’re doing with the wood stove because when that goes we will need to do the living room floor and we are thinking we’ll do both rooms the same.)
  5. Learn to knit brioche
  6. Learn to knit intarsia (didn’t happen)
  7. Complete 2 creative writing prompts each month
  8. Celebrate the 8 Sabbats
  9. Learn about crystals (yes but I have only scratched the surface)
  10. Complete my Peloton Century Ride
  11. Learn to make stuffed artichokes for Jessica (going on the list for 2022)
  12. Learn to make Italian meatballs 
  13. Take a virtual cooking class
  14. Bake with Jackie
  15. Keep Mama Cass alive & bake sourdough bread regularly
  16. Plant flower and vegetable beds 
  17. Watch a movie outside 
  18. Do two puzzles (didn’t happen)
  19. Learn one new skill, ideally something to do outside (didn’t happen, probably because I never picked a specific skill)
  20. Do all 12 OLW Prompts
  21. Get all the golden tools in Animal Crossings (I got all but the golden net, that will have to wait for this summer when the cicadas come back)

13 out of 21. I give myself a D for completion but an A for sticking with it, being honest about the things I didn’t do, and recognizing that this is a completely arbitrary thing and not tied to my personal value in any way.

Stayed tune for my 22 in 2022 list!

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  1. Like you, I didn’t complete everything on my list, but I think making the list is the important part! Plus, there were some pretty big items on your list that you did cross off! I’m looking forward to seeing what you have on your list for this year.

  2. Lists like these are so arbitrary from the git-go . . . because who knows how the year will unfold, and what priorities may arise during the year? I think you did a splendid job given the difficulty in planning ahead during These Times.

  3. I am nodding with Kym… these lists are so arbitrary. I think the things you did accomplish were excellent! Well done you!

  4. And BOOM to the last sentence. You did some of it – good work! Looking forward to the artichokes though! 😉

  5. I think you did perfectly fine with your list. I’m celebrating any wins I can get this year, big or small, and you accomplished some big things. The ones you didn’t get to just make the beginning of your 2022 list.

  6. I don’t know about you, but our Pandemic Puzzling Mojo fizzled here. In fact, I packaged up the partial that was languishing and passed it on to a friend…I was just tired of walking past it! Maybe it was the puzzle art itself…maybe it was that Troy wasn’t into it, and part of the fun was doing it together. I don’t know. But when that happens, I’d rather just cut it loose! And focus on something like stuffed artichokes 🙂 Have a nice short week!

  7. I’m cheering you on for the 22 in 2022!! letting go and embracing new things are such an important part of growing … and having fun!

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