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You may have heard that we had a bit of a snow . . . event . . . in my neck of the woods on Saturday. It was a true nor’easter . . . a blizzard . . . a bombogenesis. Take your pick. And know that whatever you call it, we got a crap ton of snow dumped on us. The official amount for my town was 27.5 inches but the drifts were significantly higher.

Of course I have photos for you . . .

Here’s Dale, heading out to do some snow removal on Saturday afternoon. It was coming down fast and furious at this point, accumulating at about 2″ per hour.

That’s the view from my kitchen door, he’s standing out by the street but you can’t even see the street because of all the snow. He was out there for about 2 hours.

Sunday was sunny but cold when Dale headed out yet again to finish the clean up. I stayed inside, doing fun things like baking cookies and bread, so I asked him to take these photos to share with you.

He took this photo looking back at our kitchen door, so he’s basically standing in the same spot as he was on Saturday afternoon.

This photo is in our driveway. My car is under that big drift to the left of the snow blower.

This is our house from the street corner. You can see that the snow drifts go all the way up to our window boxes. And we can’t open our front door right now.

Dale took these last two photos to be funny. The camera angle definitely exaggerates the height of the snow but still – it’s a lot of white stuff!

I was grateful for many things this weekend . . . our power stayed on, our wood stove kept us warm, we had food to fill our bellies, and we had cats to snuggle.

I hope you had a great weekend, too, even if you didn’t get snowmaggedon.

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  1. That’s… A. Lot. Of. Snow. Did the weekend feel like a tick in the column for keeping the wood stove? Glad you guys are basically ok. Here’s hoping that holds as all that snow melts.

  2. That is a crap-ton of snow! It’s lovely. And I’m glad you and Dale were safe, sound — and that you kept your sense of humor about it all. XO

  3. Whew… that is indeed a lot of snow! Yikes! I am glad your power stayed on too! I worried about that on Saturday! And thank goodness for Fred and George… I mean what is better on a snow day than a pair of snuggly kittens! XO

  4. I was pleased to see that you kept your window candles glowing; we did too. They’re cheerful during dark days. Our house is so tall, it shook and rocked like a ship at sea during 76 mph gusts – kinda scary. But the power stayed on, yay!

  5. Oy vey! That is a heck of a lot of snow. I’m glad to hear your power stayed on so that you could stay cozy inside and enjoy it — nothing is more fun in the winter than being able to stay inside and watch the snow come down!

  6. That is a load of snow! I love that Dale is smiling when he first went out. It does look lovely but also a lot of work, even with a snowblower. I’m glad you had all the comforts of home, even if home was snowed in.

  7. Hurrah for snowblowers and the men that run them! Rich said he’d teach me how once my elbow heals. I broke it falling on ice the first freak storm we had Jan 8th. BTW we had maybe 16″ or 2 ft along the coast. Not good at eyeballing it.

  8. Oh my word! That snow is so deep! I have never dealt with more than 17 inches of snow, so I just can’t imagine dealing with this, but I am glad that you have Dale and a snow blower to take care of it. I wonder how long it will be before you can open your front door? That is the true meaning of being snowed in – LOL. Hope you have a great week with a quick melt.

  9. Oh man! That is a boat load of snow. so glad your power stayed on. Reminds me of being at my Grandparents home (Vermont) in the winter and walking down the walk to their front door – the piles of snow on either side were over my Dad’s head! Dale took some very pretty pictures and your home looks so cozy and nice. Baking bread and cookies sounds PERFECT! Stay warm.

  10. WOW! That’s a lot of snow. So glad you turned it into a comfy cozy weekend. I second Mary in Rockport. I took notice of the windows glowing!

    I remember being snowed in from Lake Effect snow in Syracuse, NY, when I was about 10. Dad had to tunnel out of the house. My uncle from Maryland, who was about 20, was with us and it messed with his claustrophobia…

    Down here (NCFlorida) we went into the low 20s Saturday night, and had to to tarp and heat the porch plants. The only one I really worry about anymore is the 45 year old staghorn that my husband got from his grandmother when she moved to TN.

    Unfortunately, we’re looking at 80+ degrees by Thursday. (insert sad grimace, here)

    Our mountain in NC got another couple of inches of snow. So looking forward to moving there. Permit people need to get a move on!

  11. Where I am in Northern Maine luckily missed the majority of the snow–we got about 10 inches or so, maybe up to 14. Nothing like what was predicted. More is on the way, though.

  12. I love those photos that Dale took, that’s what it looked like in the Blizzard of ’78! LOL

  13. You sure got a lot of snow! It reminds me of winters in upstate NY! I’m glad to hear that you and Dale made it safely through the storm. We have a big storm headed our way this week that may begin as ice and change to snow. I’m hoping for more snow and less ice! Take care!

  14. Yikes! We got about 9 or 10 inches. I remember having about that amount about 5-10 years ago (I can’t remember exactly when the years just keep going by) and driveway and all the neighbors driveways were clear but it took the town 3 days to plow our street. Some church group followed the plows and cleared out everyones walkways and driveways where the plows filled them in.

  15. … I was thinking of y’all … glad it wasn’t me! and so glad you had Dale to brave the outside while you stayed in. Your house looks so warm, cozy, and inviting!

  16. I just have to say we are envious! Not that I would want to have that much snow that fast, but at this point, we’d take it. The snow really is beautiful, but in that brutal sort of way that you wonder if all systems will hold up. You were prepared to ride it though as your home has the perfect hygge!

  17. I grew up in Northern Illinois and we usually got a good bit of snow each winter. Our house being on the edge of town there was a good wind coming across the yard and it could drift across our driveway. My dad started putting up a section of snow fence in the front yard from the corner of the house out towards the road so the snow ‘dropped’ before it got to the drive. (Leaving the driveway mostly empty). It sure did help. He also earlier in the fall brought into town a small tractor he usually kept on a couple of acres outside of town to plow the drive. Farm boys know what works, lol.

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