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Happy Monday, dear readers! Here’s a look at what’s going on here, currently.

Reading: Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult. I don’t generally read her books and I’m not sure I’m really ready to read a novel about the pandemic but here we are.

Knitting: Trusty Toe Up socks and Sean’s Santa Hat. I’m seriously thinking I will start Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Daytripper Cardigan with the MDK crowd on February 1st. I highly doubt I will finish it by the end of the month but I bought the yarn in Iceland and this will be a good way to get going on it.

Listening: To Meat Loaf and remembering my teen years and how much the Bat Out of Hell album meant to me back then. I would listen to For Crying Out Loud over and over and over, feeling all the feels.

Watching: Football. And Women of the Movement, which was excellent and I highly recommend it. We just finished Emily in Paris so we will probably be starting Season 2 of All Creatures Great and Small this week.

Drinking: Lots of La Croix. Watermelon and Key Lime are my favorite flavors. I’m not doing Dry January but I have cut way back on alcohol consumption since last October and I’m only having a martini or a single glass of wine once/week . . . if even that. I’m sleeping better and I’ve lost weight and I (mostly) don’t miss it.

Learning: To use our air fryer. I bought it on Black Friday but didn’t use it until recently and I’m really enamored with it. Last night I made frozen chicken nuggets and they were crunchy and delicious. French fries are bomb, too.

Driving: To the ocean and thinking how grateful I am that we we live so close.

Going: To work and that’s about it. Omicron seems to be slowing down in MA but until I see real evidence that we’re on the backside of this I’m at home. And I mostly don’t mind.

Taking: Selfies. I made myself a promise that I would take weekly selfies in 2022 and so far, so good.

Juggling: Staffing at the library due to covid. It’s been . . . challenging. I feel like I check those CDC guidelines every day as different/unique situations arise.

Marveling: At how quickly Fred and George are growing. They sure don’t look like kittens anymore!

Let’s have a great week!

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  1. “All Creatures,” yay! Mrs. Hall and all the knitted sweaters and vests are great. Season 2 is all too short, though.

  2. Laughing over Meatloaf!! Had not thought of those songs in so long. Our library is still open for browsing, but I wonder for how long (I don’t do that…I request books and when they are available I go in and check them out…no lingering for moi). I’m loving Season 2 of all Creatures.

  3. I too have been feeling all the feels about Meatloaf’s passing. That album… simply the best!

    Work staffing seems to be a challenge everywhere these days… Steve is about crazy with all the problems they are having.

  4. Wish You Were Here is a different kind of pandemic book. I haven’t wanted to read any, but this one was OK, even though the premise was kind of weird to me. All Creatures season 2 is so good, but it is waaay too short. I am almost through with it, and I am missing it already. Looking forward to The Gilded Age tonight. I hope your staffing issues get better soon, Carole. That is such a headache!

  5. I’ll be anxious to hear your take on Wish You Were Here. I think you may have some opinions! Can you believe I’ve never had LaCroix? I love key lime anything, so that is now on my list.

  6. We love our air fryer. One of my favorite new-ish things to make in there in the winter is fish, like salmon and tuna. Lots of recipes online and works out great, and minimal odors. Plus french fries! yum!

  7. I’ve been tempted, but I think Rusty would kill me if we had to find a spot for one more occasionally used appliance!

    We just started S2 of All Creatures Great and Small. Also watching Around The World in 80 Days.

  8. Meatloaf. Such a defining part of the early years. Man I can sing him. In the car.
    I’ve been meaning to start Emily in Paris…could be tonight as Doug is heading out to a meeting. And congrats on the alcohol reduction!

  9. We finished Emily in Paris and then started Around the World in 80 Days … I think Marc wants to save up the ACGAS episodes until we can have a proper binge 🙂 Our Costco got Tangerine LaCroix and it’s amazing!

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