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Currently: Spring 2022

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about what’s happening currently. And also, I can’t come up with another topic for today’s blog. So here we are.

Reading: Beautiful World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney

Listening: In Love by Amy Bloom

Celebrating: the Spring Equinox and Ostara. Hooray for this beautiful season of renewal and hope!

Watching: The Gilded Age

Hearing: Spring peepers, a most welcome and beautiful sound

Knitting: The Daytripper Cardigan and toe up socks and a Santa Hat. In other words . . . nothing new.

Planning: Garden beds. I’m thinking maybe all flowers this year and no vegetables.

Enjoying: the antics of Fred and George. They are funny and sweet and also full of the dickens.

Feeling: Good! It’s been a week since I’ve take any Advil and that’s the longest I’ve gone without it since last summer.

Remembering: My mom. She died 24 years ago today. I suppose I can now say that I’m used to her being gone but I still miss her and wish I could talk to her just about every day.

Engaging: In local politics. I can’t change much on the world’s stage but I can help those trying to do good things for my community and at least that’s something.

And that’s all the news from Carole Knits for today. Happy Monday, let’s hope it’s a good one!

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  1. We’ve been hearing Spring Peepers too. A welcome chorus for sure. And bird song has changed to Spring songs. I was also thinking of my Mom because 3/20 is her birthday. She’s been gone for too long, but would have been 103 yesterday!

  2. Haven’t heard any spring peepers here yet, but I’m sure they can’t be far off. How are you liking Gilded Age? I watched one episode. . . but it didn’t quite “catch” for me. Wondering if it picks up??? And I suppose we never stop missing our moms, do we. Happy Spring, Carole! XO

  3. Great news on the Advil front! I can’t remember how old cats need to be to enjoy catnip, but maybe a few fresh herbs(including catnip?) to go with your flowers? Snipping fresh herbs is a big summer joy for this cook. And some are both pretty and fragrant for little surprises in your flower arrangements.

  4. I am so glad you are feeling better! I had to look up what a spring peeper is. Down here we just call them tree frogs, and yes, it’s wonderful to hear them. How are the books? My mom has been gone an age, but I find things every week that I wish I could discuss with her from world issues to domestic ones. I don’t expect that will ever change. Sounds like lots of things going on in your world to be thankful for, Carole. Happy Monday!

  5. I have been watching The Guilded Age as well… I am feeling a bit like Kym… waiting for things to click.

    Sending you love today xo

  6. So much to smile about in this post, including remembering your mom. I know it must be hard to be without her, but I hope that every year on this day you remember the good times.

  7. I haven’t heard any spring peepers yet, but I’m going to be listening for them. My mother and I were often like oil and water, but I still miss her. Ryan lives about half a mile away from the post office where she worked and every time I visit him I think how much she would have enjoyed that. I hope you have another good week without Advil.

  8. Nice post! I think one always misses their parents and other folks who’ve passed away; I sure do. We are enjoying lots of spring flowers here, but all the rain, not so much. Happy Spring!

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