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And just like that . . . vacation is over. But what a fun and relaxing vacation it was.

We got some stuff checked off the list . . . Dale had a colonoscopy (and got the all clear for 10 years), we organized and rearranged our mudroom/pantry, I sorted through our collection of hats, scarves, and mittens, and I finished up the after-Christmas-to-do-list that I set up for myself for January and February. I had my first ever professional massage (and now I’m wondering why I waited so long).

At the mid-week point we took a mini family vacation to Freeport, Maine. It was Jackie’s first time in a hotel and I’d say he adapted to it pretty readily. We shopped! And ate in restaurants! The change of scenery was welcome and I have a short video of the whole thing.

I want to end this post with an acknowledgement of the horror that is happening in Ukraine. It’s weighing heavily on my mind and I’m sure it is on yours as well. There’s nothing that my voice can contribute to understanding the situation and there are lots of resources available to turn to for learning more and finding ways to help. I encourage you to do that and, when you need a break from the heaviness of all of it, turn to this blog for things like knitting and reading and a glimpse of the life of an average family.

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  1. Welcome back! I was away the week before and I just couldn’t get my routine restarted without your blog to read. Seriously? We need to coordinate this stuff. Ha! Glad you had fun and productivity.

  2. It’s lovely to have a nice family break once in a while! I’m sorry it had to end but your week sounds like the perfect combination of productive and fun. (I love Jackie jumping on the bed!)

  3. The video was a lovely reminder of an average American family! It helped me shift my focus from horror to joy, so thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed your week, and yes, a massage is a very seductive thing, is it not? I haven’t had one in a long time. Let’s hope for better things for the Ukrainian people and count our blessings that we are so lucky in this country in many ways.

  4. Love the video – especially Jackie jumping on the bed! I missed your blog, but am glad you could get away and have such a nice time. Ah yes, massages…I had just started getting them again and then my back! I’m going to have to wait a little bit for that pleasure.

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