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Happy Valentine’s Day

On Friday, the bloggers who participate in the Museum of Me talked about childhood memories of Valentine’s Day. This brought back a rush of memories for me, all centered around my mom and her love for this particular holiday.

Have I ever mentioned that when it came to holidays, pretty much any holiday, my mom went all in. Valentine’s Day was no exception and there were gifts, all wrapped in red and white paper. There was candy, in a heart shaped box, and there was a special dinner . . . usually steak. My mom put red paper hearts in the picture window in our living room and it was all very special and I loved it. She firmly believed that Valentine’s Day was about all kinds of love and not limited to romantic love. I’m truly grateful that she passed that belief on to me.

So, when I say Happy Valentine’s Day, I’m saying I love you not just to Dale but also to my kids and grandkids and friends and all of you, too.

Today’s photos of course, are of cream puffs. If you know, you know.

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Carole! Your cream puffs always look so good, and someday I might even make some of my own. (But not this week – there is more moving to accomplish!)

  2. Happy Valentines Day Carole! If you ever hold a class on making cream puffs please invite me. Cream puffs are a happy childhood memory for me and I would love to learn to make them. Yours look amazing.

  3. Happy Valentine’s to you too!
    My parents never did much, although Dad always bought me the heart shaped box of candy (probably so he could eat half of it LOL) and Mom always wrote me a check. Even as a small kid, I got a check each year. Not overly special, but I always enjoyed spending the money. 🙂

  4. That’s the best kind of Valentine’s Day for sure – and I smiled to see a plate of cream puffs on your IG feed! xxoo.

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