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Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

When I first met Dale, he drove a Chevy Suburban. It was great for towing and taking trips and eventually I took over the Suburban (not that first one but a newer one) and Dale got a pick up truck. He loved having that truck and drove it for many years until he got a Subaru Forrester. And then a Subaru Crosstrek.

But. Guess what?

He’s back in the saddle again with a new (to us, anyway) Toyota Tacoma. The lease on his Crosstrek was up and this truck was on the lot at our favorite Subaru dealership (this is the 8th vehicle we have bought from them!) and it all came together very quickly last weekend.

And yes, I’m well aware of the irony of making such a major purchase while still observing March Money Madness.

I’m someone who really identifies with the vehicle I drive and, even though Dale isn’t quite as passionate about that as I am, he’s very happy to be driving a truck again. And that makes me very happy, too.

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  1. From the title, I was thinking maybe a new knitting bag! I hope Dale drives many safe and happy miles in his new-to-him truck.

  2. Vehicles are just transportation to me, but I understand that many people are very attached to their rides. So, I hope Dale enjoys his truck very much, and I hope that both of you find it very useful around the house. It’s a beauty.

  3. Congratulations to Dale! Our first Tacoma lasted 18 years! Number 2 is 2. Enjoy the ride!

  4. Woohoo! a new bag (ride!) is always something to celebrate, and this one does seem like the perfect fit for Dale.

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