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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

I saw a this or that on Instagram a few weeks ago and I saved it, thinking it would be fun to blog about it. And since it’s Wednesday, and since Wednesdays are for knitting, and since I don’t have any new knitting to share with you, today’s the day.

This Or That . . .
Sleeves First or Body First
Chart or Written
Weave In Now or Weave In Later
Metal or Bamboo
Knitflix or Read and Knit
Monogomous or Too Many WIPs
Circular or Straight
Stitch Markers or Wing It

Here are my answers . . .

Body first. I’ve heard that sleeves can work as a gauge swatch but it’s not something I’ve ever tried.

Chart. I love to use charts and especially love to use them in the Knit Companion app.

Weave in Now. I really dislike weaving in ends so I try and do it as I go along rather than be faced with a whole lot of them to deal with at the end.

Both metal and bamboo. My interchangeable needles are bamboo (I got the Tulip set from Modern Daily Knitting almost 3 years ago and I use them a lot) but I also love Addi Turbo needles, especially when knitting lace.

Knitflix. Or anything else on tv. I don’t generally read and knit although I can do it.

Monogamous. Sort of. I usually have 2 projects going, one for at home and one that is portable. This occasionally expands to 3 but that’s my limit.

Circular. Always.

Stitch markers. But not many. I use them to mark the beginning of a round, because who wouldn’t? But I don’t use them when knitting lace because I can see the lace better without the stitch markers. I think it was Margene who told me to try this ages ago and I haven’t looked back since.

I hope you’ll give me your answers in the comments, I’d love to learn more about your knitting preferences and choices.

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  1. This is fun! Here are my answers:

    Sleeves First or Body First — body first
    Chart or Written — chart
    Weave In Now or Weave In Later — weave in now, mostly
    Metal or Bamboo — metal
    Knitflix or Read and Knit — mostly read and knit, though it depends on the project
    Monogomous or Too Many WIPs — somewhere in between πŸ˜‰
    Circular or Straight — circular only
    Stitch Markers or Wing It — stitch markers

  2. These are great, Carole! And here are my answers!

    Sleeves First or Body First: Sleeves… the best gauge swatch ever!
    Chart or Written: Chart!
    Weave In Now or Weave In Later: it depends… color work, I don’t weave in until the very end… post blocking. For all other knitting, I try to not have ends to weave in… Hello Spit Splicing and Russian Joins!
    Metal or Bamboo: Depends on the project. Sometimes I want a slippy needle… other times, one that is a bit “stickier” helps!
    Knitflix or Read and Knit: Knitflix for me. Reading and Knitting = Mistakes… lots of mistakes!
    Monogomous or Too Many WIPs: I am in agreement… one portable project, one at home project. More than that is just Too Many WIPs!
    Circular or Straight: Circ’s for almost everything but socks. I love me some DPNs
    Stitch Markers or Wing It: Before this month, I’d have said Wing It… now I defer to the designer suggestion. If they say… use Markers, I use markers! Ha πŸ™‚

  3. Body first.
    Weave in now.
    Bamboo usually, I knit too loosely to use metal very often unless it is very “grabby” yarn.
    Neither, I generally like to knit without background noise.
    Stitch markers.

  4. This Or That . . .
    Sleeves First or Body First — Whenever possible, sleeves first. They do make the best gauge swatches!
    Chart or Written — Charts for complicated stuff. And I use KnitCompanion, too — which is The Best.
    Weave In Now or Weave In Later — I don’t mind weaving in ends. That said, the best “trick” I ever learned in knitting was how to knit the ends in as I go. It doesn’t always work, but. . . almost always.
    Metal or Bamboo — For me, the “substance” isn’t as important as the tips and the feel of the joins.
    Knitflix or Read and Knit — Either TV or audiobooks. I hate reading actual words and knitting at the same time. . .
    Monogomous or Too Many WIPs — Totally monogamous. (Cue “Helplessly devoted to you” here. . . )
    Circular or Straight — Circulars
    Stitch Markers or Wing It — Stitch markers

  5. Sleeves First or Body First– Pattern dependent
    Chart or Written-chart, all the way
    Weave In Now or Weave In Later– NOW (if possible) Spit splicing as often as I can
    Metal or Bamboo– metal and wood I use KnitPicks Options quite a bit. I do have bambooo double points
    Knitflix or Read and Knit — TV, mostly. If it’s sports, I always have my knitting goine
    Monogomous or Too Many WIPs– Used to be monogamous, now I have three WIPS
    Circular or Straight– Circular if at all possible
    Stitch Markers or Wing It– Stitch markers between chart motifs, otherwise only if it’s tricky

  6. body first but I have been known to regret this!!!
    always chart
    weave in now using a spit splice if I can then not much weaving required
    tv mostly
    too many wips
    circs always, gave away my straights many moons ago
    stitch markers but like you in lace, I like to “read” my knitting.

  7. Fun questions:
    This Or That . . .
    Sleeves First or Body First: I’ve been known to knit a sleeve after I knit the back. Just to mix things up!

    Chart or Written: Chart.

    Weave In Now or Weave In Later: Later, as in maybe never.

    Metal or Bamboo: Metal.

    Knitflix or Read and Knit: Both.

    Monogomous or Too Many WIPs: I’m not sure what the number of ‘too many’ is, but I’m definitely not monogomous.

    Circular or Straight: I’m definitely not monogomous.

    Stitch Markers or Wing It: Stitch markers are my bff.

  8. – Body first but love the idea of sleeves as gauge swatches
    – Charts
    – Weave in now
    – Metal except for double points, then bamboo
    – Knitflix
    – Usually only working on one at a time, but have WIPs in time-out
    – Circular
    – Stitch markers most of the time

  9. Incomplete response (because the items are way up there where I can’t see them!)
    β€’ body first
    β€’ always bamboo
    β€’ usually circs, then dpns
    β€’ many, many UFOs going on simultaneously. I’m bad!
    β€’ I don’t like weaving in ends and leave them to the last minute

  10. -body first
    -chart, but only if it’s large enough for me to see, otherwise, written
    -weave in now
    -Metal or bamboo-depends on the project
    -knitflix-I would make so many mistakes if I tried reading and knitting at the same time!
    -stitch markers

  11. Body first – why bother knitting sleeves if I don’t like the body.
    I like the idea of weaving in now and do it for the first end or two then get beyond lazy and save the rest until the end.
    As for needles, I prefer wood but I get a different gauge with metal so sometimes I need to use them. I also like them best if I’ll be doing a lot of outdoor winter knitting. Wood gets too brittle in the cold air.
    I enjoy knitting and reading but I can only knit – no purling, no texture… and I need heavier fingering or thicker yarns to be successful so I don’t do it often. But if I’m watching anything, I’m either knitting or eating.
    I like to have a simple, boring project (for reading) and an interesting project on the needles – except in February. February means 80 projects get cast on at once.
    Definitely circular. Not sure I even own straights anymore (except dpns)
    I have a love affair with stitch markers.

  12. Body First
    Chart or Written – I like both. I can read charts but sometimes I just like to read it and knit it.
    Weave In Later – I usually weave in later
    Metal or Bamboo – metal though I have a lot of DP’s that are wood.
    Knitflix- I haven’t mastered knitting and reading.
    Too Many WIPs – usually too many but right now I just have one thing I’m working on and one that I plan to rip and restart with different colors.
    Circular – though I did keep a few straights when I cleaned out my needles.
    Stitch markers. Love them.

  13. Sleeves First or Body First – Body
    Chart or Written- Chart!!
    Weave In Now or Weave In Later – historically a later gal, and I’m trying now for a project and kind of liking it
    Metal or Bamboo – both – especially fond of Addi Rockets and Knitters Pride
    Knitflix or Read and Knit – mostly read, but TV in the evenings.
    Monogomous or Too Many WIPs – monogamous in categories – one pair of socks, one sweater, and one other thing
    Circular or Straight – straight is my favorite, but I also love knitting in the round.
    Stitch Markers or Wing It – stitch markers! (I’m not a winger about ANYthing!)

  14. Sleeves First or Body First β€” sleeves first (based on the one sweater I’ve knit in the past three decades!)
    Chart or Written β€” written
    Weave In Now or Weave In Later β€” weave in later
    Metal or Bamboo β€” metal (I need pointy needles and perfect joins!)
    Knitflix or Read and Knit β€” tv or audiobooks
    Monogomous or Too Many WIPs β€” somewhere in between, but three at a time is my limit
    Circular or Straight β€” circular only
    Stitch Markers or Wing It β€” stitch markers

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