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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Banging Out a Daytripper

That title up there? It’s a little misleading. I have indeed started my Daytripper Cardigan. And I did indeed start it on February 1st, along with a gaggle of knitters from Modern Daily Knitting.


I have no intention of finishing this by the end of the month. I am mostly knitting on this exclusively and it is knit on big needles, but it’s not a race for me and I just want to enjoy the hell out of knitting it.

You may recall that I bought the yarn for this sweater back in August while in Iceland for Hannah’s wedding. We visited, of course, the Handknitting Association of Iceland in Reyjkavik. And I considered actually buying a sweater but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, especially since I’m pretty sure that yarn is about the only thing cheaper in Iceland than in the United States. So, I shopped the huge wall of léttlopi and, with Dale’s help, chose colors that reminded me of Iceland.

I cast on Tuesday night and knit just up to the point where the colorwork started. And then I sat down last Friday morning and I mapped out my colors and I spent the rest of the day knitting the yoke. Saturday morning I took a look at it and decided it looked like crap. The orange was totally wrong against the purple, the white didn’t jump out at all, and the medium blue provided no contrast with the purple. I should have taken a photo so you could see just how spectacularly I failed but you’ll just have to trust me on this. Once I got over my mistake and realized it was worth fixing, I ripped back and changed the placement of the colors and, once again, spent the rest of the day knitting the yoke. By that evening I had finished the colorwork and I was much much happier with the results.

By Sunday night I had gotten past dividing for the sleeves and I am now knitting round and round (and round) on the body. This is the mindless part and it’s absolutely perfect for knitting and watching the Olympics.

And that’s what I’ll be doing for the next little while.

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  1. I love my Daytripper cardigan and am contemplating knitting another! You are making me want to do that sooner than later! I love your colors! They are really wonderful and they do all pop. Well done!

  2. I really like the way the colors are working (playing?) together, Carole. And I just love that your cardigan will be a lovely souvenir of Hannah’s wedding and your trip to Iceland. It’s gonna be FAB! XO

  3. It’s very pretty! Glad you restarted so you’d really love it. In addition to reminding you of Iceland, I think the colors will compliment your coloring so beautifully. What a great way for you and Dale to have a touchable memory to such a momentous event.

    I started MDK’s KiKi Mariko rug this past weekend. Because the Musselburgh is BORING on size 4s, and I’m paper charting decreases for my self-styled Affknity hat (Patty Lyons’ cables, my 96 stitch standard hat) because designing it on the needles was an exercise in futility (three rips back and still no solution). I’ve never designed anything before and this is SLOW going. KiKi is bulky yarn and size 15 needles, so it’s a great diversion.

    Happy Wednesday, from actual 30s temps in Florida.

  4. This sweater will be a lovely remembrance of Hannah’s wedding, and so worthy of knitting the yoke in a way that pleases you. It looks great! Just imagining that huge wall of léttlopi is exciting, and the sweater is even more so. Enjoy the knitting!

  5. I do love the colors you chose Carole and, like everyone else, think this will be such a great reminder of your trip to Iceland and Hannah’s wedding. I am so tempted to knit one of these too, but a) I’ve never steeked and b) I really want to knit Stopover if I’m going to knit in Lopi. Of course I have multiple other things calling my name and so many WIPs. Just like a Magpie – distracted by ALL the shiny objects.

  6. That’s beautiful! It’s amazing how changing the arrangement of colors can change the look from meh to wow. And what a perfect souvenir from your time in Iceland.

    Out of curiosity: how wide is the steek section on the DayTripper? I don’t have time to knit one right now, so I’m just knitting one in my mind…

  7. I like the colors in your sweater…it’s looking good! It will be such a nice reminder of Hannah’s wedding and your time in Iceland! Enjoy!

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