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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

I have one last thing from 2021 that I have to talk about . . . the things I knit. My Ravelry project page was woefully behind but I spent some time last weekend getting it all updated and here are my stats:

8 projects finished.

3 cowls.

2 pairs of socks.

1 sweater.

1 headband.

1 hat.

To say my production was down is quite an understatement! Nevertheless, I’m quite proud of the wedding sweater and socks. I’m very fond of the cowls, I love the hat (and plan to make more), and Dale has claimed the brioche cowl as his own.

Now that I’m caught up, I vow to stay current with Ravelry. And maybe I’ll even finish my WIPs from 2021 before we get too much further into 2022.

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  1. Given your whirlwind wedding knitting and hand pain, that’s very respectable. I might need to hop over to Ravelry for a closer look at a couple of those items.

  2. The process is as important as the product, and your knitting process was full of love for Hannah (and keeping Dale warm when he snowblows a blizzard). I think that makes for a wonderful year in knitting!

  3. Since I did not have one single item that I finished last year, I think your output was great! I like/love all of them, and it’s pretty amazing that you got that much done with all that you had going on, Carole. Nothing here to apologize or feel inadequate about!!!

  4. The wedding sweater is amazing! Like others, given how busy your life has been, I think you had a great year of knitting. The whole idea is to enjoy it. After all, it is not a contest or a race. Well done you!

  5. Any knitting is good knitting! You had a busy year, filled with lots of stuff that needed attention more than your needles. And knitting . . . is for fun. It’s not a job, and you don’t need to race. XOXO

  6. Wednesdays are for knitting, again! Hurray! I’m thrilled for you that the pain is gone and you’re back to enjoying your knitting. Beautiful items, one and all!

    I ordered the size 15 needles for my KiKi Mariko rug yesterday. I ordered the kit last year, on April 2nd. They didn’t have the needles and the project got abandoned while I knitted the sweaters (Instagram pics — @midjmcb) for the boys. That, and my musselburgh hat will be my evening knitting this winter/spring.

  7. I seldom make NY’s resolutions but I committed to finishing off some of the WIPS, knitting, sewing and cross stitch, that I had sitting. So I finished off a headband and socks that were sitting and sewed some
    “bowl buddies” for a friend and I am on the last legs of finishing up a languishing cross stitch piece. I think your tally for 2021 is very respectable given you were knitting under pressure for 2 of the bigger projects! Give yourself credit and we look forward to seeing what else you come up with for 2022!

  8. I’d say you had a fantastic year of making … I count EIGHT smiles … one per project – and for sure the wedding socks and sweater count extra, as does that cowl that Dale has claimed. Here’s to more making and more smiles in 2022!

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