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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Musselburgh Hat

Presenting . . . insert drumroll . . . my last finished knit of 2021, the Musselburgh hat.

It’s knit with Gauge Dye Works in the color Our Solar System. Those clever dyers calculated all kinds of scientific things to create self-striping yarn to represent the sun and the planets and their distance from each other.

It makes for a very versatile hat!

I started it back in August while we were in Iceland, right after I finished Hannah’s wedding socks. It was perfect travel knitting, both in the car and on the plane. I had to set it aside when my hand pain made knitting very difficult but I was able to get back to it in December and I finished it right after Christmas.

I haven’t worn it yet because I have a rule about not wearing hand knits until I’ve shared them with the blog. But! We’ve got the potential of a big storm at the end of the week and it might be nice to have a new hat to wear to celebrate.

I can’t decide which way I like it best!

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  1. I like both ways best! I’m trying to finish mine before the snow starts here on Friday. If I have to shovel I want to do it in a new hat!

  2. What fun, Carole! A hat that you can switch to match your mood! I really love knitting Musselburgh hats, and plan to keep one on the needles all the time . . . for whenever I just need to knit, round and round, with a lovely skein of yarn. 🙂

  3. It’s great! And I’m reminded I need to get mine out and get knitting. It fell off my radar during the holidays. Enjoy that new hat, shoveling or not.

  4. Oh, I LOVE it both ways! The striping is really brilliant! (and it comes at the perfect time to keep your head warm on these bitterly cold days!)

  5. Yes, it looks like it may be the perfect time to have a new hat where you live. But, I hope the storm is not nearly as bad as they predict. I like it both ways, but I love the lavender close to your face, it’s a good color for you in that light. I am so glad your hands have improved and that you are able to knit again, Carole.

  6. I love it! And it fits so well. I’m not sure I got the gauge right on my first one, but it’ll fit someone!

    Solar System is next in my queue. For my son, who loves everything about the cosmos!

  7. Looks great either way! Mine went out for its first dog walk and I declare it the best hat ever for keeping my ears warm. Plus, it stayed in place! I’m so happy to finally have warm ears all throughout our hour on the trail. (I have it doubled around the ears.)

  8. I have had that pattern and needles waiting. Have to dig out a yarn even if I make it with a not self-striping yarn. Maybe during the snow storm I will cast it on.

  9. yay for an FO AND (mostly) for seeing your smiling face – TWICE! – to model. I think both sides work great – the purple lights up your eyes in the bottom one, and the orange just makes me smile in the top one. Key question – are you starting a second one?!

  10. Ei yi yi I’m trying to stay away from that hat! Yours is lovely…both ways! I think you’re going to have a real need for it on Saturday. I could use it today -18 this morning!

  11. That looks GREAT on you! I love that it’s two hats in one, sorta 🙂 If pressed, though, that orange stripe really pops. I’m partial to it. Enjoy!

  12. Great hat! Had I not moved on from my hat jag , I was going to knit one,too. I love how different the two sides look. I’m on to other projects though….next jag!

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