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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

One of the things I vowed to do recently was to be consistent with blog posts and to plan them a week in advance as much as possible. This has mostly been working well for me and I’m not left in the early morning trying to figure out what I want to say.

Except, of course, that Wednesdays Are For Knitting . . . and there really hasn’t been much knitting going on at all.

I mostly blame Fred and George. While I can knit on the sweater while they are sleeping, I have to keep it where they can’t find it at all other times, which is currently the mudroom. That one little detail has proven to be a huge barrier when it comes to actually working on it.

The same can be said of the socks I have going. They have to be kept away from my little furry friends except when I am working on them and, while they are close by, I just haven’t been reaching for them. Instead, when it’s time for television, I tend to play a mindless game on my phone while watching our shows. It’s a bad habit and I need to break it and that’s why I’m confessing it to you.

So. Brighten my day by telling me what YOU are knitting these days!

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  1. Oh dear! Cats & yarn – a tangled situation! (I too have a cat “fascinated” with knitting.) Presently, I’m knitting my way through book “52 Weeks of Socks,” although at the speed I can manage, it may be better titled “52 YEARS of Sockks” (!)

  2. Oh, kitties . . . Y’know, it’s okay to take a break from knitting once in a while. But that phone game? Ooof. 😉

  3. Knitting time is currently “planning the remodel” time. Perhaps knitting can resume as you can relax more on your deck if your furry keepers will be indoor kitties.

  4. We also “watch” TV in the evening, but for me, it’s mostly just listening while I knit (but I don’t have cats to contend with). I feel silly advising another adult what to do, but you might feel more satisfied if you put the game away, and knit a few rows, read, or played with Fred and George. I’m working on a sweater – very, very slowly.

  5. Kitties can be a challenge. I’m lucky that my cat Stella isn’t interested in knitting. Yarn yes, (she’ll occasionally steal yarn that isn’t in a bin and carry it around the house) but she doesn’t bother my in-progress knitting. I’m working on a Paloma sweater and even though I don’t have to worry about Stella messing with my knitting I DO spend a lot of time picking white cat hair out of blue mohair. LOL

  6. Knitting: I’ve been struggling for weeks with a fisherman’s knit cowl. Years ago, I acquired two skeins of fingering weight wool in Boston Strong colors which turn out to be the same two colors as the Ukrainian flag, thus the two/color fisherman’s knit. When all the instructions say to use a lifeline, do it! This stitch is a nightmare – impossible to fix when an error occurs!

  7. Kiki Mariko from MDK. Got the kit quite a while ago, and as I’m taking a break from knitting anything that needs actual concentration, this fits the bill. I still have had to go back by a row now and then when I get distracted away from the color sequence. Besides that, it’s just stockinette, with a 2X2 color repeat.

  8. Same here, I had to delete my game apps and pick up the needles. Can’t believe how much time I’ve wasted, when I could be knitting. Still have to get over to see you and the kitties

  9. I can understand the difficulty — having young pets is very similar to having young children around! I hope as the kittens get older, they give you less problems with your knitting.

    I’m currently working on a sweater and making really good progress, and I’ve got a sock going as well. We went out for an early dinner last night at a restaurant that’s next to a Michaels, and while my daughter looked for coloring books, I wandered into the yarn section to get some kitchen cotton to make my mother some dishcloths to use to wipe the counters (she always has a used paper towel lying around!).

  10. I have resisted falling into the tech vortex of games. I have so much to do without adopting yet another time waster! Having said that, I have many time wasters to fall back on. I am looking at my new Potholder Pro and trying to talk myself into making some new potholders and reading a series by Jason Vail.

  11. My two cats aren’t that interested in yarn/knitting. One or the other is they are sleeping on my legs and I’m pulling the yarn over/near them may swipe at it or try to bite it but not very often.

    I’m working on a Malabrigo March project, I finished my first, a hat on Sunday. This one is a 3 color shawl out of Malabrigo lace which I will not finish in March but I’m fine with that. I made my Knitting Challenge goal much smaller this year as I just want to knit what I want when I want and not worry about getting them all done so they count in the challenge.

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