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Three On Thursday

I know this is supposed to be a space of respite. A place where you can find stories and pretty photos and a break from the awful things going on in the world. But at this moment there are only three things . . . or places, rather, on my mind.

  1. Buffalo, New York
  2. Uvalde, Texas
  3. Tulsa, Oklahoma

This cannot go on. Don’t be complacent, contact your legislatures, hold their feet to the fire, demand they pass the bill requiring universal background checks. It would at least be a start in changing our future.

That’s all I have for today. I’ll do better tomorrow.

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  1. Yes! (and I have been demanding they raise the mandatory age to purchase a gun to 21… I mean, you can’t legally drink until then.)

  2. Yes, and if those 3 places represent the variety of the US to tell us that it doesn’t matter where you live, this is happening to you and those you know.

  3. Every time another shooting happens, I wonder if this is it, if this is what finally makes a difference and changes things. And then another one happens. I am not giving up the fight, but I am getting pretty tired of having to keep it up.

  4. Failure to fix this is a waste of human potential, healthcare resources and economic potential. You know, in case the moral failure and hypocrisy of being ‘pro-life” isn’t enough.

    Yes, I have thoughts about this and the people obstructing the path to solving it.

  5. you are not compelled to do “good”, better or anything. It is your blog and you can decide what to say. I agree whole heartedly with your comments and though I live in Canada, we have issues too. I too, have those places on my mind.

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