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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Pride Musselburgh Hat

Friends and knitters! I have a finished hat to share with you today. It is, not surprisingly given the title of this post and my love for this pattern, another Musselburgh Hat.

The yarn is Gauge Dye Works CLASSIC Merino Twist and the color is called Colourwheel.

But I just call it My Pride Hat.

Emphasis on MY because I am keeping this one for sure.

It’s soft and colorful and perfect and I love it.

But I hope I won’t need to wear it for a long, long time.

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  1. It is beautiful! It will be so cheerful to wear this winter. It is so hot down here, I wish it was winter again in moments of insanity – LOL. Hope this heat does not make it to where you are.

  2. Beautiful and it looks so good on you Carole! BUT…here’s hoping there is no need for it for quite some time!

  3. It’s lovely, the yarn and colors are perfect, but forgive me for hoping that you won’t be wearing it for a looooong time!!

  4. I love the colors! It looks great on you and I hope you won’t need it until winter!

  5. It’s a very appropriate time to finish it, but I also hope you won’t need to wear it for a good long time! The colors are just fabulous.

  6. Nice!!! I finally scored some Gauge Dye Works and have plans to make one in the future.

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