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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

Remember how I wondered how much knitting to bring on vacation? And remember how I decided to bring the new hat I had started for Dale plus my Daytripper Cardigan AND yarn for another Musselburgh hat?

Here’s all the knitting that I did:

The sum total of my knitting for TWO WEEKS was about 2 inches on that hat.

I’ll pause for a moment while we all laugh at my optimism.

Reading was definitely more enticing on this trip and I’m not sorry about it at all.

And at least Dale won’t need a hat any time soon.

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  1. No laughing here, but lots of nodding in agreement! 🙂 An excellent knitter is always over prepared! I really like that yarn you are using for Dale’s hat!

  2. I always over-prepare my reading AND my knitting when I go away for any length of time. Always. I hardly ever end up knitting on vacations, but I usually do pretty well with the reading! The hat will be great . . . whenever you finish. XO

  3. Options, it’s all about options! Hey, at least you had a choice about how to spend your time, and you chose wisely, I am sure. I like Dale’s hat a lot. It looks like Dale.

  4. Happy to hear that you were prepared. Even happier to know that you followed you heart and made your vacation work the best for you.

    We have a busy weekend coming up, which includes at least 18 hours in the car (just to and from our destination). My husband prefers to drive, as he gets bored on the road easily. Gives me plenty of time to knit!

    Taking my MDK KiKi Mariko rug, two sweaters (Petite Knits _No Frills_),Christmas gifts for my daughter and my son’s GF, and now I think I’ll cast on my next musselburgh before we leave (Solar System from Gauge Dyeworks) so I’ll have variety. All of it is stockinette, so I can easily knit away.

  5. You know that if you hadn’t brought it, you’d have wanted it! I always overestimate how much I’m going to knit on vacation, and I’ve accepted it. Can’t wait to hear what you read while you were away!

  6. But that means you were busy having fun other ways on your vacation! And that’s a good thing. But at least you were prepared to knit if needed. Nothing worse for a knitter than to have down time and not knitting. I keep emergency knitting in both cars – you know, just in case.

  7. One of the best things about car trips is that we can always pack enough yarn to be prepared and who cares if you were over-prepared … that’s way better than being under-prepared!

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