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Hello and Happy Monday! I had the weekend I was hoping for . . . other than a trip to the grocery store on Saturday I stayed home for the entire time. The weather was crazy hot and even without central air it was still reasonably comfortable.

Well. Except for Sunday. I spent most of Sunday hiding out in our bedroom where the AC was cranking.

I can’t say that I did a whole lot. I finished a book (Firekeeper’s Daughter). We finished a tv show (The First Lady). I drank plenty of water. Hung out each evening in our blow up pool. Ate sushi and homemade pizza and plenty of snacks.

More important than what I did, though, is how I felt.


You can’t ask for more than that from a weekend.

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  1. Yesterday was just miserable, gah! Our AC has been running non-stop… and I am really welcoming the rain that greeted me when I woke this morning. It is much needed (and has cooled it down quite a bit!)

  2. I’m feeling sort of spoiled here . . . with my regular rains and temps only in the low 90s. So glad you have a cool place to sleep — and a blow-up pool to bob around in! Stay cool! XO

  3. Now that’s my kind of weekend! I love stay-at-home-do-nothing days. I cooked (5 minutes stove top) some shrimp yesterday morning and last night’s dinner was cold shrimp and raw veggies. We have no central air and our window units have been running just about non-stop. Hoping for some rain relief today.

  4. Contentment is a good feeling and I’m glad you felt it! Here’s hoping for some rain and cooler temps for both of us!

  5. I have learned that for me there is no better feeling than contentment. It’s so often elusive! Glad you had the kind of weekend you wanted, and I hope you have another one soon.

  6. Forced inactivity this weekend (messed up something in my shoulder lifting the basset into the Pathfinder). Couldn’t even knit until late yesterday. Took advantage of it and visited with a friend on Saturday and then caught up on some Netflix. I found out I don’t do ‘stay still and rest’ very well…

    Glad you had such a peace*full* weekend. Here’s to carrying that feeling into the week ahead!

  7. Starting off a new week is always easier when you’ve had a satisfying weekend! I hope the heat breaks for you soon and you can carry that contentment with you through the week.

  8. Sounds like a perfect weekend in my book! We spent the entire weekend in my mother’s pool just floating around listening to to music.

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