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Currently: Midsummer Update

It’s almost the end of July, something I find hard to believe! Before the summer slips away, let’s do a what’s-happening-around-here update.

Reading: Fly Girl by Ann Hood

Watching: Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey

Listening: To the podcast Maintenance Phase

Knitting: Dale’s Musselburgh Hat. But hardly at all.

Eating: Cucumbers from our garden

Cutting: Zinnias from our garden. But not dahlias. Yet.

Seeing: 3 varieties of butterflies, yellow swallowtails, black swallowtails, and monarchs

Appreciating: People who repeat the phone number when they leave a voicemail. This is really a work thing since phone numbers show up on my iPhone.

Watching: Fred & George stretch out longer and longer the higher the temperature goes.

Finishing: My July OLW prompt and monthly update. I’m almost there and will share it with you soon.

Embracing: Body positivity and wearing a 2 piece bathing suit (mostly at home but once at a local campground/pond!) because it’s just more comfortable

Wishing: For a good soaking rain

Hope all is well for you and your world.

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  1. I have a Musselburgh hat going somewhere… hmmm. I need to dig that out!

    (also, I need to get a “currently post” done this month…thank you so much for this lovely reminder!)

  2. After taking voice mail messages (ok, ok, I’m old enough they were answering machine messages) for less than a week at work, I figured out giving my name/phone number at both ends of a message.

  3. I had not heard of “Keep Sweet Pray and Obey” – looks fascinating (and probably a bit disturbing). We are getting tomatoes, but Fletch doesn’t grow cukes…luckily Leslie brought some from her garden. Mabel has been lengthening along the hard wood floor…or the cement of our patio. Good for you with the two piece suit – I was just looking at them on line (and wow! I have not bought a bathing suit in years and the prices sure have jumped!!).

  4. Yup, we’re eating lots of cucumbers, too. There are only so many things to do them, and I may be reaching my fill of tzatziki sauce! Maybe if we all wished really hard we would get that good soaking rain. If/when it happens, I will go dance in it!

  5. I’m eating lots of cukes as well. I love them in Italian dressing with tomatoes and onions. We are due for some much needed rain later in the week, but we have been teased several times this summer. I will believe it when I see it. Have you seen Banner of Heaven on Hulu? Based on a true story and very disturbing. Lots going on in your world, Carole!

  6. I’m WAY behind in my blog reading (I blame the WiFi issue), but just wanted to pop in to say that I’m really loving your body positivity work, Carole. Two-piece bathing suits for the WIN. So much more comfortable. And isn’t that the only thing that really matters???? XO

  7. It’s so great to catch up with a post like this – and all the applause for the 2-piece bathing suit. As someone with a long torso, I can attest that they are indeed more comfortable!

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