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Hello, August

Turning the calendar to the month of August is always a little bittersweet as it’s the last full month of summer. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty of summer to enjoy, but this month brings about a marked change.

The days are getting shorter to the point where I actually notice the difference.

Dale goes back to work in just a few more weeks.

The garden is looking a little worn out.

There are good things, too, though.

Homegrown tomatoes will be ripening soon.

Cucumbers are plentiful.

Monarchs and swallowtails are swarming the butterfly bush.

Dahlias and zinnias are putting on a show of spectacular color.

In the end, all of this serves to make me appreciate these days even more. Here’s to a long, slow August.

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  1. August is bittersweet here too. School resumes soon and that means a ton more traffic in our neighborhood and students returning to town so we’re more crowded in every way. As a friend says, “It’s not my favorite.”

  2. I am all for a long, slow August (as long as it is not unbearably hot and humid!!). Our tomatoes are coming in now – enough that we pick daily. And, I picked some of our neighbor’s zinnias (with his permission) to add to a bouquet we have on the table. I can definitely see a difference in the length of days and I like it (soon we can eat dinner by candlelight!!).

  3. I am nodding to Vera’s thoughts… a long, slow, slightly cooler August… yes, please!

    Happy August! 🙂

  4. I’m one of those people that can’t wait until there is a crisp feel to the air (like maybe in September) but since this is your blog, I’ll go with a long, slow August as long as it’s not hot and humid. (It rarely is, right?) 🙂

  5. I am not an August lover since I live here in the South. August is the worst month of summer for us. It is always unbearably hot, humid, and dry. I much prefer May and June. But September, now that’s the beginning of the most beautiful time of year for me. I hope your August is all you want it to be, Carole

  6. I agree with Vera, a long, slow August would be nice, but without the heat and humidity. We had a lovely weekend here, but the heat and humidity return this week. I look forward to September, the beginning of my favorite time of year!

  7. Yes, here’s to a long, slow August! Kiddo and I freaked out a bit this morning that school starts this month — and I’m not ready to have the house to myself again just yet! I think we should all focus on savoring the summer days that are left.

  8. Long slow August for the win! Our vacation begins on Saturday and is always an indication of change. The flowers and tomatoes though!!!

  9. Zinnias and sunflowers are the essence of August for me … those colors … I’m thinking of some fair isle to kick off fall knitting!

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