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Meet Huck!

After dreaming about it for several years, trying out different styles of camping, and perusing used sales since last summer, we have finally taken the plunge and purchased a camper for ourselves. It’s a 2022 Coleman Lantern, it’s 25 feet long, and it’s got all the amenities we wanted: a permanent bed, a couch, and air conditioning. It’s got plenty of other things, too, but those were the things we identified as most important to us.

Let’s look at some photos!

This is to the left of the door. Kitchen and dinette on the left, sofa and bathroom on the right.

To the right of the door is a queen sized bed. I’ve already got it set up with our own bedding, including this quilt that I made with my quilting group many years ago. I love it in this space, it adds a lot of color to a very neutral color scheme.

Directly opposite the door is the bathoom, which I have also already personalized with a colorful shower curtain and towels. It’s tiny. Really tiny. But it’s got what we need and it will do.

A detail shot of the kitchen area. The sink is silly big, I’d have preferred more counter space. But there’s a 3 burner stove and an oven and a microwave overhead, plus a decent amount of cabinets.

A dinette was something we had decided we could take or leave. As it turns out, this floor plan included it and I’m not sorry. It will be a good place to sit and eat but, even more importantly, a good place for playing cards and other board games.

A couch was something we really wanted. It’s perfect for coffee in the morning and cocktails in the evening. The center back cushion folds down and has 2 cup holders and a flat surface, perfect for snacking while watching television – which is directly opposite the couch and above the dinette (you can actually see the edge of it it in the photo above). And the refrigerator is there to the right of the couch. It’s nice and big and there’s a tall cabinet next to it that will serve as our pantry.

There are a lot of features to learn and we haven’t towed a camper in quite a while but I think it will all come back to us. Plus, a lot of things are automated now like the stabilizers and awning which will makes things easier. We don’t have definite plans yet for a camping trip but we’re hoping for at least one short and one longer getaway this month plus a weekend in September and hopefully October, too.

And if you’re wondering about the name, here’s the story. Our song is Moon River and there’s a line in that song about my huckleberry friend and wherever you’re going I’m going your way. Huck just seemed like the perfect name for our new camper and all the adventures we plan to have.

We’re very excited!

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  1. I am also excited! I predict lots of fun getaways in Huck and am looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

  2. You are going to love camping in your beautiful new RV. We just returned from a two month trip to WA and OR and some days it’s hard to be home again. Camping removes you from mail, appointments and daily life and we love it.

  3. Wow! It’s beautiful already and seems way bigger on the inside than I’d expect. Can’t wait to see where you take it!

  4. Awesome! Congratulations on adding Huck to your family. I bet you have so much fun (and I can provide a recommendation for a wonderful camp ground in Maine if you would like – right by the water!!). You will end up using the dinette area a lot I predict and will be happy to have it in rainy weather. Can’t wait to hear about your maiden voyage!!

  5. That camper is very cool and efficient, Carol! It looks comfortable, and I love how you have decorated it. I should have known you would decorate quickly – LOL – and you are so good at it. Happy trails to you, Dale, and Huck.

  6. I love that song… Our song is Blue Moon. The RV seems like a dream and the perfect way to see the sites!

  7. That’s awesome! We have a Coleman Rubicon which is slightly smaller than yours. But many of the features look the same. We love ours and have been enjoying long weekends away and just spent a week in NH. Have fun!

  8. It looks just perfect, Carole! Tiny, sure . . . but packed with features you’re going to just love. (And I’ll bet you never regret having that dinette/table.) Bon voyage and happy camping, my friend! XO

  9. Looks grand, any chance of a chopping board to fit over your sink to give you more counter space?.

  10. Not sure how I missed this, but it looks like you’ve got a real home away from home. The only thing missing here is maid service!

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