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One Little Word Update: July 2022

Imagine my surprise when I went to write this post about practice for August 2022 when I realized I never recapped July. Whooops. Let’s take care of that today, hmmmm?

The theme for July was to celebrate the small wins. I kept a list going for the month, adding things that felt small but still important. Things like improving with the Ooni pizza oven, wearing a two piece bathing suit in public, and planning blog posts in advance. It was a great way to think about how I’m practicing every day. I may not always realize it but when I stop and think about it and acknowledge it . . . I can see it and feel the way it’s impacting my life.

The prompt for August was to begin again. I’ve thought a lot (a lot a lot) about that. In some ways, it feels redundant because practice is about beginning again over and over, but I have used it as a catalyst for beginning again with movement. My thoughts are still rumbling around in my head and I haven’t documented them yet . . . but it’s coming.

Thanks for joining me in this practice. (see what I did there?)

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  1. It seems like “begin again” is the perfect prompt for most words . . . but maybe most of all for “practice.” (And I love your “small wins.”) (Which never seem so small in the general scheme of things, y’know?) XO

  2. I, too, love your small wins! I appreciated this month’s prompt for showing me new ways to “begin again” and I can’t wait to see how you approach this! XO

  3. Small wins! I like that – vacuuming two rooms and washing the floor were my small wins yesterday. 🙂

  4. I DO see what you did there – LOL. I love your small wins Carole. What great things to document and remember. I’m looking forward to your Aiugust OLW post.

  5. I am all about the small wins! I think it’s too easy to get discouraged if we only look for the big wins, and I’ve made it a part of my daily journaling practice to note three accomplishments for every day. Knowing that I have to come up with three means that I’m forced to look for those smaller things that previously I wouldn’t think twice about.

    Also, go you for wearing a two-piece bathing suit in public!

  6. I hope you have cumulative wins through the process of practice, Carole. Small steps, big journey.

  7. You open my eyes to the fact that small things are as important (and maybe more important) than big wins. PT on my arm is going to be slow and maybe take all year, but being able to do tiny things i what I need to celebrate. Thank you for the reminder that baby steps are wins!

  8. Maybe there’s just something about August that feels like a month for thinking about new beginnings … I always want to have them, though, in September! (btw – your nails look awesome!)

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