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One Little Word Update: September 2022

I’m late to the One Little Word party (again) but here I am with an update on practice for the month of September.

This month’s prompt was so in my wheel house because it was all about taking photos that show the light. I chose to interpret the light as the things that fill me with joy. I took photos all month long and at the end of the month I printed out my favorites and added them to my OLW album/journal.

I topped each one with vellum printed with the words from the class, things like this brings me joy and this makes me happy and more. I really enjoyed pairing the photos I had printed with the words provided.

In terms of relating to practice, taking photos is always a practice for me . . . practicing with light and editing, practicing with selfies and poses, practicing with feelings my photos create.

Maybe I should also practice getting these One Little Word posts written in a more timely fashion. Ha!

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  1. What a lovely way to interpret Ali’s prompt, Carole. Your photos really do a great job highlighting your life and how you practice. (And you can share — or not share — your “word” posts anytime you choose. There are no deadlines . . . ) (Just sayin.) XO

  2. Just lovely, especially all those dahlias! And part of the practice seems to be that it should be on your timeline, so being late isn’t really a thing!

  3. These are just lovely, Carole, and it looks like you really enjoyed this practice. Is there a deadline to practice? I don’t think so.

  4. I am nodding in agreement with Bonny… those dahlias are just so stunning, Carole! And your word… your timeline! XO

  5. Yup, agreeing with everyone else. Your timeline…no one else’s. Your pictures are just so lovely Carole. This was a lovely post to read and view!

  6. You know, I see a common color running through most of the photos — that pinky red that makes me think of warmth. Warmth, light, joy — all connected, right? The practice is clearly working for you!

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