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One Little Word Update: August 2022

Did you catch the title of this post and think it was Groundhog Day?

I realized, after I wrote the post for yesterday, that I had totally missed posting my August update. Whoops. Good things it’s my word, my rules, eh?

Here’s the August journal spread:

The prompt was to begin again. It was interesting to consider what it means to begin again in relation to practice because, in many ways, practice is really about beginning again over and over. I used the prompt to remind myself that it’s okay to try and fail, and to use that motivation to get back on the Peloton after a long hiatus. And it’s working! I . . . practice . . . riding the bike weekly now and it feels good. I’m continually reminding myself that it’s not a competition and the only point is to move in a way that’s enjoyable. And that there’s no such thing as failure when it comes to the word practice.

Beginning again (with practice) is the heart of my word this year.

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  1. Such great “lessons,” Carole! Practice . . . is all about progress. And “begin again” is a powerful concept! XO

  2. I think discovering that we can always begin again is such a great thing to learn. I’ll bet many of us have felt guilty for failing to do something and felt like that was the end of it. But your post is a good reminder that practicing is all about starting over/starting fresh.

  3. We all begin again every day. It seems such a valuable lesson, and thank you for reminding me of it.

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