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Catching Up With My One Little Word 2022

I’ve had a really good run with practice as my One Little Word this year and I was doing all of the monthly prompts from Ali Edwards. Until October. The prompt that month was to interview someone about how they saw your word playing out in your life. I knew I could interview Dale readily. I also knew I could ask Hannah or Jo-Ann or some of my fellow One Little Word-ers.

But I didn’t. I resisted it. And every time I thought about asking someone else to talk to me about my word I felt myself freeze up. So I ignored documenting October. But then that meant I couldn’t move on to documenting November. Finally, in a text convo with Kym, she pointed out that I could interpret the October prompt however I chose and that I didn’t have to interview anyone at all.


And yes, I realize how silly it is that I needed someone else to give me permission to change it up but that’s how I roll sometimes. I’m a Type A Virgo Upholder and it’s never more apparent than in a situation like this.

Over the weekend, I saw down with my OLW journal and my printer and some stickers and I documented October and November.

I’m so glad that’s done and now I can finish in style (and on time thankyouverymuch) with December.

Have you thought about choosing a word for 2023? I’ll be back at it again for sure.

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  1. Kym does offer the best wisdom and advice. I had a bit of a conversation with myself… I likewise did not ask anyone to interview me. But I did have a very reinforcing conversation with Steve about how Full has really impacted my year. He does not “get” the word thing, but it felt good to share over dinner what it does for me!

    And I think October and November look so very good on you!

  2. Isn’t it silly how we sometimes get so stuck on following the rules? I’m very much the same way (and I agree with Bonny that Kym is great at oh-so-casually mentioning that it’s okay to do something else).

  3. I’m always glad to share my thoughts and opinions. . . 😉
    That particular prompt was a clunker for me, too. The good thing about OLW . . . is that you can do anything you want. It’s your word; it’s your experience! I’m so glad you found a way to make it work for YOU, Carole. (As Peloton’s Denis Morton always says, “I make suggestions, you make decisions.” It works for more than just cycling rides!) XO

  4. I recall that prompt from 2013 (my word was Grace) … I had a lovely conversation with a friend about it, but I don’t recall that it made a difference in my OLW. Love how you adapted and made it work for you! Also LOVE all the glimpses of you in your OLW journal – it’s very cool!

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