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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Another Musselburgh Hat

I started my 4th Musselburgh Hat last Wednesdays. Here’s the progress I’ve made in one week:

That’s a crappy photo, sorry. It’s been raining all week and the light is just flat and terrible. But anyway. I’m cruising along, done with the increases and ready for the long stretch of round and round and round. It’s the most perfect meeting and zoom knitting and I’ve had a bit of that in the last week.

As for the yarn, it’s Gauge Dye Works (of course) and it’s called Checklist. It’s a self striping yarn and the colors represent 8 birds that are native to the Pacific Northwest. I’m a casual birder myself but I’m part of a family with some pretty serious birders and I knew I had to snag this yarn as soon as I saw it.

That’s all the knitting news I have for you this week. Hope you are knitting something you love.

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  1. What fun yarn, Carole! And I think you’re right . . . the Musselburgh hat is perfect “comfort knitting” (once you get through the cast on and the increases, that is). 🙂

  2. I am a casual birder myself, and I love the idea of yarn in bird colors. Ingenious! Looking good, Carole.

  3. So pretty. I’ve never knit with Gauge Dye Works yarn, but I have been sorely tempted!! I may need to treat myself. Also I’ve not knit this hat, but again, so very, very tempted. I have so much sock yarn…it would be fun to pair a patterned yarn with a solid color.

  4. Birding yarn! What??? How did I not know about this! LOL

    LOVE (and love you even more for sharing this with me!) XO

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