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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Another Musselburgh Hat

Hold on to your hats (see what I did there?) because I have finally (finally!) finished Dale’s Musselburgh Hat!

The yarn is Vesper Sock Yarn from one of the sock clubs. I can’t find the ball band and I tried to find it on the website and ravelry but I think it was a special limited run so . . . I just don’t know.

What I do know is that the stripes are perfect shades for Dale. Blue is his favorite color and it matches his blue puffer jacket perfectly. It will also go with his green barn jacket.

Like all Musselburgh hats, it’s double thickness so it will be nice and warm. And it fits perfectly, he can roll that brim up just the way he likes it. Of course we had to take a silly photo or two.

And there’s the money shot. Hurray for a finished and loved hat, just in time to wear for the fall.

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  1. I’m trying to finish one of these and this wonderful finish is definitely encouraging. I don’t think my model will be as charming though.

  2. What a perfect hat for Dale! (I think the Musselburgh hat yields a perfect hat for everyone, actually, but that one is particularly perfect for Dale.) Plus . . . it’s knit with love. (And everyone knows that will keep the wearer warmer, more comfortable, and looking charming to boot.) XO

  3. It suits him so well, and clearly he’s quite happy with it. I’d call that a win for the knitter and a win for the recipient!

  4. Looks simply perfect Carole! A lovely finish and it looks so darn good on Dale. I know he will enjoy wearing it when the deep cold arrives!

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