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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

I’m happy to tell you that the knitting mojo appears to be returning. Yes, indeed, just posting about how I didn’t feel like knitting suddenly made me want to knit.

Okay, perhaps it was not quite that simple. But I did make some adjustments. First, I added knitting as a daily habit on my Habit Tracker. Just seeing that little reminder to knit was enough to get me to pick up my project. And second, its been so hot that we’ve been inside more and that means knitting while watching television.

Whatever the reason, I’m moving along on Dale’s Musselburgh Hat and I’m also thinking about what I might want to knit next.

The mojo. It’s back!

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  1. My Musselburgh was located yesterday. No time just now for it, but it helps knowing where your knitting is. (cough, cough)

  2. That yarn is beautiful! And it sure has been hot. All I’m making is a dishcloth…hard to think of anything larger!

  3. Well there you go! I’m quite completely stalled at the moment. Watching some crochet info but realllllly shouldn’t leave those knitting wips behind!

  4. Those are really nice stripes, Carole! It’s going to be a great hat. When it comes to locating our mojo again . . . well, a habit tracker sounds like the perfect “trick.” XO

  5. I have done something similar to encourage myself to spin every day. It is so amazing what a little reminder will do!

    (and I really like that hat!)

  6. Hurray! Just in time! Fall will be here soon!

    I finished two dish towels and three wash cloths for my niece’s wedding and have now started on the baby sweater, for my daughter’s friend, I mentioned last week. Henry’s Sweater was the choice. I’m actually knitting two at a time on a loooooong circular so I have an extra for the next baby to come along. My kids’ friends are all having babies.

    Habit tracker seems like a great idea!

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