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Hello, November 2022

It’s the first Monday of the month, time to welcome November and set some intentions . . .

I will check on this list regularly throughout the month in order to remember my goals and reset them when necessary. (This might be directly related to the fact that I only just now went back and looked at what I intended for October. Ahem.)

I will continue to practice self-care in terms of movement, a monthly massage, and the work I’m doing on body image and acceptance. Unlearning years of systemic diet culture, measuring my worth according to my size, and fulling stepping up to my place in the world without fear is hard but so valuable and I am committed to this journey.

I will accept the change in seasons. Our weather has been unseasonably warm and we’ve yet to have a fire in the wood stove but I’m sure that will come soon. The end of DST means the mornings are brighter now and I will embrace that as a way to feel more energized and ready to take on the day. While I miss my flowers, I will use this time to care for my houseplants and daydream about next year’s garden.

I will make plans, decisions, and take action to set myself up for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season. I’ve started a list of things to consider, including whether to purchase amaryllis or not (I think that’s a no), setting dates for gatherings and cookie baking, creating menus for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and more. I hope to be fully present as much as possible and to welcome this beautiful time of anticipation.

Like last month, and hopefully every month to come, I will do my best to enjoy everything that comes my way in November.

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  1. Thank you for starting this, Carole! It has been such a good thing for me (and I did check my Hello, October post… once. I want to do better this month as well!)

    You have so many good things here! I am here to cheer you on as you make your intentions a reality! XO

  2. A lovely list, and I especially like “stepping up to my place in the world without fear”. That’s something that I need to work on.

  3. A great list for a wonderful start to November. I need/want to take stock of things and decide what can be let go and what I want to keep as far as the holidays go. Ours will be a bit different this year with spending Christmas away from home.

  4. Great organization and a way to anticipate activities and obligations! I’m impressed, Carole. I generally don’t get organized this early, but you have prompted me to begin thinking about things. Happy Monday!

  5. I could take all of these intentions for myself, too, especially the part about being fully present in the moment. There are happy get-togethers planned in the months ahead, and I want to make sure I don’t rush through them or focus so much on the planning that I miss the enjoyment.

    I continue to applaud you for working on accepting your body and celebrating its beauty!

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