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I have all kinds of things I do on a daily basis. Writing 5 things in my gratitude journal every morning while my coffee brews. Walking through the library early in the morning when I’m there by myself, soaking in this beautiful place where I work. Taking care of my skin with delicious smelling and soothing moisturizers. Knitting every day, even if it’s only a few rows. Reading in bed before I go to sleep.

And making myself a cup of hot tea every afternoon, no matter the season. It’s delicious and something I’ve done for most of my life. Sometimes it perks me up and sometimes it soothes me. Sometimes I have a snack with it (I made pumpkin bread this week and that has been a delicious treat with my tea) and sometimes I just have the tea. Sometimes I think about all of the cups of tea I had with my mom and sometimes I just drink it and don’t think about anything. But I always, always have a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Rituals ground us in a very particular way. What are some of your daily rituals?

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  1. I sit in bed with a cup of coffee, and I read the local and several national newspapers online, then I read the few remaining knitblogs, especially YOURS!

  2. These are good rituals.. my daily afternoon sip? A nice cup of coffee with a bit of frothed milk. The other ritual is to read a couple of poems before I get up from my “desk” and start my day!

  3. One of mine is when I reheat my tea in the microwave. I almost always push the “popcorn” button to do it because that is for two minutes and when it’s done, my microwave displays “enjoy”. I love this silly sentiment from an appliance!

  4. Tom and I have a daily ritual we never miss: We do the NYT Spelling Bee puzzle together (even if we’re not in the same physical location). I lead us off, and get us to the “Amazing” category. Then he gets a crack at it to lift us to “Genius.” It’s fun — and a good way for us to work together – and celebrate – every morning. (The Wordle and the daily crossword, though? Those are ALL MINE!) XO

    1. I do the Spelling Bee every morning as well, Kym. Love that puzzle! But I don’t get Wordle. Maybe I don’t have a brain for Wordle?

  5. Well for the last 297 days (I just noticed the number today!) I’ve been doing Wordle with my coffee first thing and then I take a stab
    at the NYT crossword…early in the week is way more successful. That afternoon cup of tea is a pretty regular too.

  6. Rituals are such a grounding comfort! I’m hoping to get my morning quiet reading time back … even for 30 minutes … this month!

  7. I seem to everyday when I get out of work do some sort of yoga/meditation and write three things in a journal. I also do Wordle, Quordle and Octordle every day as a break.

  8. I do the Spelling Bee puzzle from the NYT, and I try to complete the Crossword as well, but I have not memorized all those phrases they use instead of words. I hate that they do that. Seems like cheating to me! Rituals are so soothing. Maybe I should have more.

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