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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Musseburgh

I’ve been knitting away on my latest Musselburgh hat and it’s growing accordingly.

The yarn is from Gauge Dye Works and it’s called Checklist. As in, a check list of birds with colors that represent eight birds of the Pacific Northwest. At this point I have finished all of the stripes and I’m just to the point where there are no more color changes. And, while it might be boring knitting from here, it’s still the perfect knitting for Zoom meetings and car rides and, frankly, dealing with Fred & George. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from knitting with them around, it’s that I need a project that can be put away quickly. Errr. Instantly.

And that’s the knitting news for today.

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  1. Fun stripes! I saw that on the site and considered it, but I still need to cast my next one on. I’ve got the Solar System colorway on tap!

  2. That is a great colorway and it makes a great Musselburgh! I briefly considered it when I saw it on the website, but it looks much nicer here. Good luck keeping it away from F&G!

  3. That is gorgeous Carole!! Every time I see someone knitting the Musselburgh, I find myself wanting to knit one. I think I will cave and buy the pattern today. And…every time I see someone knitting with yarn from Gauge Dye works I want to get me some!! I love that colorway and also Solar System. I need to cave (again) and get some!!

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