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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Checklist Musselburgh

Behold, my last finished knit for 2022:

Are you surprised it’s another musselburgh? I’m guessing you’re not. Are you surprised I finished it before the end of the year? I’m guessing you might be.

The yarn is, once again, Gauge Dye Works, and the color is called Checklist. Those stripes represent 8 favorite birds of the Pacific Northwest. Do I wish they were birds of the Northeast instead? Sure. But a yarn dyed to match bird plumage is one I’m always going to snag.

And I’m sending it to my favorite birder, my stepson Brant in Florida. Will he have many opportunities to wear it given where he lives? No. Does that matter to me at all? No again.

2022 was the year of the hat, for sure.

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  1. So beautiful! I too am hopefully awaiting a birds of the East colorway!

    I have yet to cast on for my Solar System Musselburgh. I jumped on the Central Park Hoodie KAL bandwagon that Norma is hosting over on FB. I didn’t make one back in 2006, but have always liked it. (I’m using the Viking braid variation for the center back as seen here– )

    PS. Any hints to not get ladders while knitting the Musselburgh with Gauge Dyeworks yarn would be greatly appreciated. I couldn’t seem to avoid them…

  2. Gorgeous colors in that hat Carole. It is lovely. My guess is that Brant will love it AND wear it! I have yet to knit a Musselburgh (this may be the year??) and on my list of things to try is Gauge Dye Works yarn. Such wonderful colorways. I’m so tempted with Solar System (and since I plan to knit Planetary…why not??)

  3. I have not had a lot of success knitting hats, but you have convinced me I nee to try to knit this hat. All of them have been lovely, and this one is as well. I’m with you, I love the bird related yarns! I’m sure your stepson will love it and wear it. It gives him a story to tell while he is enjoying it. I may have to look up Gauge Dye Works, you little temptress.

  4. That’s great, I’m sure he may get a few chances. A few areas have a had a few chilly days.

    I really have to make 2023 when I cast mine on. I waited and finally snagged some Gauge yarn and now it’s just sitting and waiting.

  5. I love the colors so much! You never know, he just might get the chance to wear it in Florida — we had temps in the 30s a couple of days I was there, and we were pretty far south! And I expect he occasionally travels somewhere cooler where he could use a hat.

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