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One Little Word Update: December 2022

Today I am sharing my final One Little Word update for practice. This is how I documented December in my journal:

My cover page, if you will, for each month, is a selfie with the month in script and some other embellishments. From there, I tend to interpret the Ali Edward’s prompt to fit my own format and style. December was all about remembering and noting our facts and feelings about the previous year with our word. I read back through my prompts from the previous 11 months, wrote down the things I felt most strongly about, and ended the journal with some random word stickers and the acknowledgement that I have, indeed, come so far.

That’s a wrap on practice as my One Little Word but the lessons I have learned and the impact this has had on my life will be with me for a good long time.

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  1. This was really such an incredible word… in so many ways, Carole! I think the things you discovered this year will make BLOOM so much more exciting! XO

  2. It must really be something to flip through your journal and see just how big of an impact your word had on your life over the course of the year!

  3. I am in finishing process with my 2022 journal and still contemplating a format for 2023. Isn’t it great to have this evidence to hold in your hands?

  4. I’m not much for journaling, but I can see that this could be quite valuable! I bet you’ll be putting practice into practice many times in the future.

  5. You seem to really find value in your choices of OLW, Carole, and I admire that. I hope your new word this year works as well for you as they have in the past. I will enjoy seeing your progress with it.

  6. Like Bonny, I don’t journal (though I confess to being tempted by gorgeous books and dazzling pens!). But, I bet it is nice to flip back through your journal for the past year and see where your OLW has taken you. I’m betting BLOOM is just perfect for 2023 for you. Have fun!!

  7. What a wonderful (though at times tough!) Year this has been for you and OLW. Looking forward to seeing all the good things that come in 2023!

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