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A Library Mini Reunion

Update: I know the blog is problematic right now and loading very very slowly. I am getting most of your comments but not all. I have reached out to my IT person and am hoping they will be able to help me fix all of this soon. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience.

The other night I had the privilege of speaking at the dedication of a new Teen Zone at my town public library. This special area of the library was revamped and created with money raised after a former library employee died last year and her family requested that donations be made in her memory to the library. What a wonderful thing they did! And what a wonderful event it was.

Connie was an avid reader and long time patron when I hired her to work part time at the library back in the early 1990s. She was a model employee, a fierce advocate for the library, and a wonderful friend. We had so much fun together back in the day and Tuesday night was like a mini library reunion as several of my former coworkers were in attendance for the dedication.

In what can only be called great timing, Hannah texted me just as I was arriving at the program. When I realized so many of my dear friends were there, I told her to jump in her car and head to the library, because I knew she would want to see the women who supported me in so many ways. They saw me through my pregnancy, my return to work when Hannah was 3 months old, and those early days of being a working mom. They were there for me when my first marriage fell apart and they celebrated with me when I married Dale. Hannah spent a lot of time at the library when she was a little one and these friends of mine were part of her village and I knew she’d want to see them.

I’m so glad Dale snapped this photo of Hannah and I with my friend Anne, who was the Children’s Librarian for many years. I haven’t seen Anne for many years and it was fantastic to catch up and reconnect. When Hannah arrived at the library after our brief text exchange, Anne remarked how lucky I am to have Hannah live so close and I know she feels this keenly as her own daughter lives in Kentucky. While I know I’m lucky, it was a perfect reminder to never take this for granted.

The whole evening was a wonderful reunion of friends and a beautiful tribute to Connie. Life in a small town can be truly special sometimes.

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  1. That is just so lovely – it must have been a wonderful time. Love that snap of you and Anne and Hannah – great picture!

  2. What a great event! From Connie’s family asking that donations go to the library, to the new Teen Zone, to the reunion complete with Hannah, it’s evident that libraries help build communities in many ways!

  3. Oh, Carole! I love everything about this — the memorial gift, the Teen Zone, your community, the connections for you and for Hannah. And . . . how you’re absolutely rocking your look! XO

  4. Oh, Carole! I love everything about this — the memorial gift that started it all, the Teen Zone, your community, the connections for you and for Hannah. And . . . how you’re absolutely rocking your look! XO

  5. What a wonderful thing! I hope no one is making contributions in my memory in for a long time, but I’m going to keep this in mind — I can’t think of a better recipient than the library! You have such a wonderful community at your library, truly a second family. It’s so wonderful.

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