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Eye Candy Friday

Update: I know the blog is problematic right now and loading very very slowly. I am getting most of your comments but not all. I have reached out to my IT person and am hoping they will be able to help me fix all of this soon. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience.

We’ve finally had a few mini snow events this last week and I captured this photo of the sled and skates that we have by our back door. You can see by the rust on them that neither are used anymore and they are strictly decorative!

Have a fun weekend, friends!

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  1. Sorry you’re experiencing blog issues. Your outdoor decor game is strong, even in winter! Happy weekend.

  2. So beautifully seasonal!

    Brings back memories of living in Syracuse, NY, as a child. Lots of sledding on the hill, in the woods of Hancock Field AFB. My dad and the neighbors even tried to make an ice rink for us one year!

  3. Great use of sled and skates indeed! I have had problems leaving comments… just fyi.

    I hope your blog issues are soon and easily solved! Have a great weekend XO

  4. That is a great way to greet your back door guests!

    (and fyi, I have had problems leaving comments all week…)

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