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Library Love

It’s a week to celebrate love and today I want to remind all of you how important it is to love your local library. I know I’m mostly preaching to the choir here, since many of you have told me over the years about how important the library is to you. But, in case you need a reminder of the good work that libraries do . . . I’m gifting this New York Times article entitles, A Love Letter to Libraries, Long Overdue.

The article speaks to my heart and the photos give me so much hope. In case you don’t feel inclined to read the whole thing, I will share the two paragraphs that I love most . . .

Imagine a teacher who’s responsible for a mixed-age classroom where students are free to wander in and out as they please, all opinions are welcome and detention is not an option. This person is also the principal, the guidance counselor, the school nurse and, occasionally, the janitor. This person is your local librarian.

Best of all, you never need a reason or an invitation to go to the library. You aren’t required to make a reservation ahead of time or purchase a cup of coffee while you’re there. You can pop in when your Wi-Fi is on the fritz or you need a break from your roommates. You might go there to dry off or to cool down. To study for algebra or to read a romance novel. To stock up on thrillers or to take stock of your less-than-thrilling life. To meet a friend or to be alone. For a bit of excitement or for a moment of calm.

In a world centered on capitalism, the library is one of the only places left where you are not expected to spend money. Many people say that the library is free. And, while that’s true on some level, it’s not really free . . . it’s funded by tax dollars. So, rather than call it free, I tend to call it pre-paid. And, since you’ve already paid for it, you may as well use it.

I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone reading this to hear that libraries are under fire in more ways than ever before. The cost of books, just like everything else, is up. Revenues are down. And we are scrutinized for the materials we purchase and the programs we offer. It’s not easy being a librarian these days. So, next time you visit your local library, show them some love. Tell them you appreciate them. Thank them for fighting to protect democracy and access for everyone. If you’re inclined to take the extra step bring them a sweet treat or some flowers.

Show your library some love. You won’t regret it.

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  1. I LOVE libraries. XO to you and all who play a part in their upkeep and management. Our library had a makeover during the pandemic, and now that it’s re-opened — and re-designed with community use at the forefront — I love to go in and SEE all the folks USING the library (for informal gatherings or at the “creation station” or at the little coffee shop or in a class). It’s just AWESOME how much wonderful stuff happens at our library.

  2. I love libraries and all the ways they make their patrons’ lives better! Most of my books come from libraries in four different states and I’m always impressed by the new and interesting things they loan in addition to books (museum passes, kitchen equipment, art supplies, etc.). Libraries are essentail for communities!

  3. Well said Carole! And we have a great librarian here – he’s really done a great job keeping the presence known in the community. Librarians are the BEST! xoxo

  4. Libraries and librarians really are the BEST. I have so many fond memories of libraries – the one I visited as a child (which was really an old, old house with many rooms and wonderful books) and then the one in my Grandmother’s hometown where (years later) my aunt was one of the librarians. And the odor/scent of libraries – wonderful! I am proud and happy to support our local library.

  5. Isn’t it fun to preach to the choir?!! Since the pandemic, I’ve started supporting the Friends of the Library, too (I’m assuming that’s a common thing around the country?) – local branches have fantastic used book sales and our donations help to support programs that might not get the funding they need. There is plenty wrong about local government, but I’m happy that our libraries are part of the solution. All the library love forever and ever amen!

  6. I’ve always loved libraries, they really are the information center at the heart of a community. Last fall I began to serve as a trustee on our library board and I’m so happy to support the library in this way!

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