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February Vacation Recap

And just like that . . . I’m back! It was a great week to just hang around and not think about work. We did get away to Maine for a couple of days but otherwise I poked around at home.

I did some reading. More on that later this week when I do share my February reads.

I did some cooking. A few dinners and some meal prep for the week ahead. More snacks than anything else.

I did some television watching. We finished All Creatures Great & Small, started (and finished) Kindred, and got caught up on Fantasy Island.

I made some TikToks. My following has tripled in the last few weeks, all because I made a video about literary fiction that a lot of people related to, apparently.

Did I take photos, you ask?

Why yes. Yes, I did.


One of Fred & George.

And one of my martini and kindle while I waited at the hotel bar for everyone to get ready for dinner.

How was your week?

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  1. It does sound like an amazing break! (But that image of Fred and George! Can they be any cuter??!!)

  2. What a fun kindle cover!

    We had epic snow, which put a crimp in our Rose City Yarn Crawl Thursday to Sunday, but it got better over the weekend. I postponed my trunk show from Thursday to Friday, and felt pretty intrepid about getting there!

  3. Lucky you getting to sit and wait! (Gin or vodka?) welcome back Carole – glad you had a great week.

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