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Signs of Spring

I feel like I mostly ignored the arrival of spring on Monday so today, inspired by our ice breaker question from the Read With Us discussion on Tuesday night, a random list of the signs of spring I am seeing here in Southeastern Massachusetts . . .

  • Peepers! I heard them for the first time on Tuesday on my way home from work and then again yesterday.
  • Red Winged Blackbirds. I saw one yesterday but haven’t heard one yet.
  • Snowdrops. I don’t have a huge amount but I have a small patch that I love.
  • Crocus! Yellow and purple.
  • Songbirds in the morning when I walk out to my car.
  • Hellebores. Mine is showing lovely signs of blooming.
  • Daffodil shoots. I should have blooms within a week or so.
  • Not wearing a coat! I’ve gotten away with a puffer vest a couple of days this week and yesterday only a sweater.
  • Opening the windows . . . in my car, in my office, and at home.
  • Changing light. Yes, there’s more light in the daytime, but I don’t mean that . . . I mean the quality of light because it’s just different this time of year.

What signs of spring are you seeing? Tell me in the comments . . . if this silly blog allows you to comment, that is!

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  1. Yes! All of those (except we don’t have Hellebores). Windows open (especially the bedroom window open a bit at night), peepers, red winged blackbirds, daffodils on the table. We actually sat on the patio around 4 p.m. yesterday with beverages before dinner! Hope springs eternal!!

  2. Signs of spring here: I had windows open here yesterday, I’m planting seeds, and John is getting ready to be a farmer and plant fields.

  3. ALL OF MY SNOW IS GONE!!!! No open windows here yet, but I did wear a spring jacket yesterday to run errands. Lots of bird joy in my garden; lots of robins. Daffodils and tulips are poking up. My hellebores could be blooming any day. And the light is completely different these days! Spring is trying to get going here!

  4. The past couple of weeks have been really cold, so Spring is slow to start here in Illinois. Daffodils and crocus are blooming, but not much else. I haven’t really noticed the light because we have had one overcast day after another with quite a bit of rain and wind. I’m looking forward to some sunshine and blue sky!

  5. What lovely ways to welcome Spring!!

    Those of us on the southern penisula are waving goodbye to Spring (AND hopefully all the pollen) and flying obscenely quickly into summer. 86 degrees forcast for this afternoon. Too soon! Too soon!

    We do get to have the windows open from bedtime to mid-morning, however, before we have to close them against the heat and humidity…

    Our mountain home can not be finished quickly enough!

  6. I just posted about plants poking out over at Annie’s, and I’ll be there are some signs now in my own back yard! So happy!! We’re just a little over a week away from APRIL!!

  7. My neighbors daffodils all all blooming… such a bright, cheery thing! And I saw my hyacinth is coming up! Signs of spring are such a welcome thing! XO

  8. Spring in north Florida is marked by wearing shorts and flip flops. The pine tree pollen is just about gone and the world is no longer covered in bright yellow dust. The tomatoes, peppers and cukes have been planted and the trees are showing their leaves again.

  9. You seem to be about a month behind us, but we had a very mild winter. I’m experiencing all the same things as you except we have cardinals instead of red winged blackbirds. I’m waiting for our robins to reappear. Then I know the warmer temps are here to stay.

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