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I said to a friend last Friday, my weekend is way over committed, I have something I have to do on Saturday AND on Sunday.

And I meant it. Listen, I’m glad that pandemic restrictions are behind us . . . but sometimes I miss not having anything on my calendar.

The things were fun, though. I attended the Blue & Gold Banquet for a local Cub Scout Pack on Saturday. On Sunday, we had the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast for the first time since 2019. It felt great to be part of this event, to remember how fun it is to work together, and to see firsthand how important we are to this community. As Hannah said to me yesterday, I’ve got that Kiwanis lovin’ feeling.

In between, there was reading (Demon Copperhead) and a little bit of knitting, some time with Jackie, some time in the camper making things ready for our upcoming spring trip, and plenty of time with Dale.

I took just one photo.

You had to know it would be Fred & George, right? They sure love it when the wood stove is cranking.

Here’s to a great Monday!

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  1. Good things, all… but prepping the camper! That just sounds like spring! (and those cats! TOO CUTE!)

  2. I had one of those too! Excited to follow your camping adventures and Fred and George have got the right idea! Happy Monday Carole!

  3. Those cats! What a great picture. I’m excited that soon you will be camping again (I’m afraid our camping days may be over). Hope next weekend is a little less-filled for you.

  4. It is funny that even though I am retired, I also dread a weekend that is too full. I still see those two days as time to rest and recoup

  5. oh my yes, last week was “hectic” in ways I hadn’t experienced in three years … it felt weird, good, and exhausting all at once 🙂 Love that photo of Fred & George and hearing about plans for spring camping!

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