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Self Care Matters

A few weeks ago I had my first facial. This is not something I ever really pictured myself doing, but when I told Hannah that my favorite part of getting a massage is when she does my face . . . Hannah responded immediately with the opinion that I would love a facial.

In what can only be called kismet, shortly after Hannah and I had this conversation, the salon where I go for my lash extensions started offering a new service . . . facials. I made an appointment immediately!

Now, if you know anything about me, you know that new experiences make me nervous. And getting a facial was a BIG new experience. I knew I’d have to take off my blouse and bra, so naturally I worried that the wrap wouldn’t fit me. I was meeting a new esthetician, so I worried that I wouldn’t like her or (even worse LOL) that she wouldn’t like me. Information helps me cope so I googled and talked to other people who have had facials and I went.

The young woman was incredibly kind and sweet, particularly when I told her I was nervous and this was my first time. She explained everything and left for me to change and then I climbed up on that heated table and covered myself with a cozy blanket and closed my eyes. There were lotions and exfoliants, there was steam and a lovely neck, shoulder and hand massage. She was even able to extract a whitehead that I’d had for months.

It was amazing and worth every penny.

And I’m going again tomorrow!

The moral of this story, in case you missed it, is to try something new even if it makes you nervous. You just might love it.

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  1. It’s been years since I had a facial, but they are truly a wonderful way to treat yourself. I’m so glad you had a good experience!

  2. Sounds wonderful I’m all about self care these days! I’d love to know more about your lash extensions. I haven’t been able to wear mascara for months and I miss it. I also hate the way my glasses magnify even the tiniest smudge 🙁

  3. I was nervous the first time I went for a facial too, but I absolutely loved it. I felt so pampered, and the heated bed was amazing!!

  4. Best gift I ever got was a facial!

    I’m signing up again for your emails since they stopped coming. Don’t know why.

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