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Easter Weekending

Hello and Happy Monday! I had a fun and busy weekend and I even remembered to take some photos to share here.

We had Friday Night Snacks, of course. It’s my favorite ritual to wind down the week and connect with Dale.

In the midst of plenty of Easter dinner prep I made time to ride the Peloton. It’s good to have a work out buddy, you know? Just ask Fred.

We also did some work to get the camper ready for next week. I picked daffodils for the dinner table. And we had a quiet Saturday evening at home.

I did lots of food prep ahead of Sunday and I created a very careful timeline, enhanced by alarms on my phone, to get dinner on the table at 3. My family being my family . . . we actually ate at 4. But I tried.

As always, my Easter attitude is greatly improved by mimosas.

And family, even though I only have one photo and it doesn’t include everyone. Still, that’s 4 generations right there . . . and TWO Jackies.

I hope you had an equally pleasant weekend and I wish you a great week ahead.

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  1. What a great weekend! I also had a fun delightful brunch yesterday (with plenty of leftovers) but next year I’ll remember the mimosas!

  2. What a great weekend, Carole! We had a lovely day yesterday as well… and the weather was just perfect!

  3. Four generations under your roof is reason enough to celebrate. Looks like you did it in style, if not in a timely fashion.

  4. What a great day, Carole! 🙂 And I CANNOT BELIEVE how grown-up (young) Jackie is!!!!!! (Or how great namesake-Jackie looks.) Can’t wait for your camping adventure! XO

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