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Blog Housekeeping

It’s National Library Week!

As you can see, the blog has been updated a bit. The overall presentation is different and some changes have been made to the side bar. There is more to come, including better placement of featured images, an updated color palette, and better icons, but all of that is on hold right now as we are still trying to resolve why the blog is so slow sometimes.

We updated the theme, removed a whole bunch of plug ins, and created a new header and yet something is still not right. It worked great last week on Friday and Saturday and then Sunday we couldn’t get it to load, not the WordPress dashboard nor the blog itself. I have an open ticket with GoDaddy and they are charging me to rectify things that they claim aren’t happening. It’s like bringing your car to the mechanic because it’s making a weird noise and then it stops making the noise when the mechanic listens. There’s nothing more frustrating than an intermittent problem, right?

All of this is to say that It’s a bit of a mess right now but I promise that we’re working on it and I’ll be back with posts about vacation and camping and knitting and reading and food just as soon as we think it’s stable

If you have a moment, and can let me know in the comments how your experience with it today is, I’d appreciate it.


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  1. Good morning Carol! Your blog loaded a little slower, but not by much. The photos in the header are scrolling at a reasonable pace making them easy to view and appreciate. (I’m reading on a iPad.) Love the new format! Looking forward to many more years of your writings and photography!

  2. Loaded just fine. Clicked the red arrow to get to the full post.
    I find IT issues are always frustrating. Hopefully whatever the problem is can be resolved easily.

  3. It loaded just fine this morning, but my problem is usually that it seems to take a while to post my comment. I won’t know that until I press the button, but I hope the blog starts making the noise for GoDaddy so they can fix it for you!

  4. It seemed to load fine for me (updated iPad here). Pictures in header roll at a nice pace for reviewing them. Small operator error here. I saw the red arrow, but didn’t think to click it for more content since you indicated you were having issues I assumed a short post. However, when I clicked on comments they (and the rest of the post) opened up smoothly. Good luck. Phantom problems are the worst. And I want to read what you’ve been up to!

    1. It took just long enough to post my reply that I thought I might not have hit ‘comment’, and then my comment loaded.

  5. Your blog loaded just fine… Like Bonny, my issues have been regarding commenting, but I will email you if it has a hiccup today!

    And welcome back! XO

  6. Welcome back! Good to “hear” your voice again. Your blog loaded just fine (and quickly) for me. Like Bonny & Kat, my *issue* in the past has been loading my comment.

  7. It loaded just fine and the banner photos changed at a good pace. It wasn’t clear to me how to see the full daily post but I finally figured it out. I read your blog on my Mac Pro Computer. The new format looks great and will take a bit of getting used to for me . I hope you get the bugs worked out soon!

  8. Loaded just fine for me. I am looking at it at 5:42PM if timing matters at all. Look forward to your camping update.

  9. Loaded just fine for me. I am looking at it at 5:42PM if timing matters at all. Look forward to your camping update. Getting my comment to load is a different story though.

  10. It was slow to load for me but maybe my computer. Also the print if faint but it maybe my old eyes.

  11. Looks good to me! I have regular issues with my internet, so that’s always what I blame first when something is slow or not working.

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