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Hello, June

My favorite month of the year is here! And if you’re wondering just why it’s my favorite I will give you a brief list:

our anniversary on June 14th
school’s out
Dale’s birthday on June 26th
a week on the coast of Maine

And then add in other fun things like graduations and gardens exploding, reading on the deck in the morning and cocktails on the deck in the evening, friends around the Solo stove and pizza from the Ooni, and it’s a month that’s really hard to top.


Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m on a bit of autopilot, just sort of coasting through my days and not being as present as I’d like. Watching too much television and scrolling too long on my phone, reading when I should be doing chores and organizing things, being lazy about meal planning and prep and consequently ignoring some of my best health practices.

It’s time to reset.

It’s time to wake up.

It’s time to live life to the fullest.

And June is the perfect time to do it.

So. Hello, June. I’m counting on you.

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  1. Sometimes it takes more effort than I expect to jump into the good stuff. Once I do, it’s great. I think mine is perfectionism poking out and once I remember it’s good enough to enjoy, it becomes more enjoyable again. Hope you find your June groove.

  2. I always enjoy reading Robbie’s comments, and am sending the same good wish for finding your June groove!

  3. I hear you about turning off auto-pilot and really savoring every moment of June! Here’s to waking ourselves up and staying engaged in every glorious June day!

  4. I agree – I need to get off auto pilot. I need to stop slacking on some chores and planning meals, etc., etc. I seem to be in a bit of a rut. Time to get going!

  5. That damn auto-pilot. 😉
    Here’s to a great June, Carole. Filled with so many good things to celebrate and enjoy.

  6. Hello June! I’ve been reading Seasons of Wonder this year ( and June is all about Waking Up! This week’s suggested practice was simply to sit outside, and watch the sunrise and the day unfold with all our senses. I’m always up before sunrise, but I rarely see it … and I for sure don’t sit outside to watch. I’m going to try it this week. Hope you find ways to reconnect with your best self this month!

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