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Hello, August 2023

Hello, August. Your arrival is a reminder that summer is not endless, despite how it feels in June. The days have been getting shorter all along but this is the month I really start to notice. While there’s still often plenty of heat (and humidity), there are also cooler mornings (Mashpee Mornings, my Jessica calls them) that indicate a hint of fall. Local produce is peaking and it’s time to enjoy all the sweet corn and tomatoes we can while they are available.

All of this is to say that, while there’s plenty of summer still to come, now is the time to really savor it. And that’s just what I’m doing as I plan for another week of camping. As I cut dahlias and zinnias, black eyed susans and purple coneflower, hydrangeas and lots of basil. As I plan meals around fresh produce and float in our little blow up pool.

As Van Morrison says, these are the days.

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  1. Oh that Van Morrison song – love it! Enjoy your corn and tomatoes – hoping ours come in soon. And enjoy your camping trip!!

  2. August means corn and tomatoes! (I’m hoping to eat my first tomato sandwich with tomatoes from the garden soon!)

  3. Dan plants his garden for the sole purpose to have english muffin tomato sandwiches in August. Yum!

  4. This month I am savoring that daylight as well! And I am picking tomatoes every day now… what an absolute delight! 🙂

    But yes that Van Morrison song!

  5. School starts for my daughter this month, so I’m definitely feeling the waning days of summer. I’m going to savor what’s left, though!

  6. This is always our vacation month so I see the cool mornings but still lovely days. And..all the delicious tomatoes and corn!

  7. that opening photo!! please share more local produce at its peak so I can enjoy it vicariously … and have a wonderful August!!

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