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Summer of Connection Update

My summer of connection is off to a fabulous start, friends! I have been to two large events in the last week and I’ve had a wonderful time at both. It was very . . . people-y and, while that’s not always something I enjoy, I actually loved it.

One event was a day of celebrating our town’s 200th anniversary at a local social club. It was a terrific day, full of food and beer and fun. There was live music and games, raffles and a craft fair and even a bonfire at the end of the night. At one point, I was sitting at a picnic table with my friends and I was looking around and I realized that I saw people I knew in every direction I looked. It was a really great feeling.

The other event was Dale’s concert on our town common, followed by fireworks. There was a huge crowd there and everyone had a great time enjoying the music, purchasing bicentennial merch, visiting the food trucks, and catching up with friends and neighbors. The fireworks at the end of the night were phenomenal! Everyone I’ve spoken to has said they were the best they’ve ever seen and I couldn’t agree more. I found myself having a very similar experience to the one I had at the club the week before . . . there was someone I knew no matter where I looked. I love feeling part of this community and events like this show me just how true that is.

Having a theme for my summer is already making a big difference in how I’m looking at things!

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  1. Keep making those connections, Carole! (I’m going to stay away from people myself as I now know three people with covid – fully immunized, but one of them is in the hospital. It was a reminder to me that I might want to put a mask back on.)

  2. What fun, Carole! Great pictures as well! (and Covid seems to be making its presence know here as well… grrr.)

  3. So happy you found some wonderful connection with the people you love the most. What a great reminder that by looking for something, we can usually find it.

    (Aside– I keep telling my husband to stop looking for the negative that can happen. He swears it’s so he can be prepared. I tell him it’s all he’ll find if that’s what he’s looking for…)

  4. So much fun Carole! Our 250th a few years ago brought so much happiness to the town. Enjoy…your summer of connection is going to be great!

  5. It’s got to be a great feeling to look around and see people you know in every direction — especially after the last several years!

  6. oh Carole – those connections are wonderful! and I just watched the Dale & the Duds concert you linked a few days back (first – oh my – Dale has a Boston accent! funny, I never pictured him talking just like you?!) and what a total delight – thank you! Happy Summer! and here’s to ALL the connections!!

  7. What a wonderful summer you are having! New England towns are simply the best. I remember going to events in different towns in Vermont when I was a kid and there is nothing like the feeling you get in a small village/town…and even me (coming from PA) could see people I knew in every direction. The pictures you have shared are all great!

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