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Hello July 2023

Let’s not talk about how I should have written this post for Monday. Instead, let’s welcome July and declare it right on time.

There’s no denying that it’s full-on-summer now and it’s my favorite. To me, July is all about long days, sultry nights, and morning dew. It’s about thunderstorms and rainbows that follow, special treats like ice cream and toasted marshmallows, juicy summer fruit, buttery corn on the cob and roadside flower stands. Relaxed schedules, fewer meetings, and time outside instead of inside. It may be hot and humid, yet I still prefer t-shirts and flip flops over heavy coats and boots. Backyard swimming pools and sweaty glasses of ice water are much more enjoyable than snow and ice and hot cocoa.

I do my best to find something to love about every season . . . and fully admit that it’s just easier for me during the summer than any other time of year. I intend to soak up every bit of it.

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  1. Oh enjoy!!! I am not one who favors Summer…I tend to get (very, very) irritable in the heat and humidity. My favorite is Fall for sure. BUT…I do love ice cream and corn on the cob!

  2. You do describe the joys of summer in a lovely way, but I have trouble seeing them when I’m all sticky with sweat running in my eyes! I would greatly prefer being cold to being uncomfortable hot, but I do wonder why some of us are energized by summer warmth and others (like me) just wilt in the heat?

  3. I’m happy with long sunshine-y days and (some) heat but draw the line at humidity/high dew point! I hate being sweaty. I am totally with you on the footwear!!

  4. I do not love the heat and humidity, but I do love the long days and the summer treats, so I’ll deal with the heat!

  5. I’m with you – I love pretty much every bit of it! Though I did just come in because…man it’s hot out there! ?

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