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Monday, Monday

Today, I bring your greetings from the campground. Dale and I are set up with our camper, Huck, and Jessica is here with her family in tents in a nearby site. I’m looking forward to a week of hanging out and reading, knitting, beaching, and relaxing. You can bet we will be playing games and day drinking, too, but I can’t abandon the blog again so I’ll be posting a little bit each day.

For today’s post, you get two pictures of me from our week in Maine. First, me on the porch with my feet up on the railing.

It’s my favorite place to hang out at the cottage and, sadly enough, I only got to do this twice in the 9 days we spent there because . . . weather. I’m grateful for the times that were sunny and warm enough for me to enjoy this spot.

Second, me at a local brewery.

This was Sunday afternoon and it was pretty cool at the cottage but much warmer in town. Dale and I enjoyed some local beer and a couple dozen oysters and it was really great.

I’ll be back tomorrow with two pictures of Dale from our time in Maine.

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  1. The picture of you with your feet on the railing in Maine is EXACTLY how I would sit on the (screened-in) porch in Vermont at the lake we went to each year. Gosh I miss those days! And now you are camping again – I’m envious…in a good way…wishing you and Dale and family a fabulous time.

  2. It sounds like you had loads of fun despite the weather! I hope camping is better on the weather front! XO

  3. It’s always a bummer when weather spoils some vacation plans, but I suppose it’s better to be on vacation when it’s raining than at home! Hope conditions are better for camping this week. Enjoy!

  4. We can’t control the weather (dang it!), but we can always put our feet up and relax! I hope your camping-weather is better than your Maine-weather, Carole. Although I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself no matter what the weather brings you. XO

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