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Ready for the Week Ahead

Hello and Happy Monday! Are you feeling rested and ready for the start of another week? I’m not sure I’m as rested as I’d like to be (the Covid cough is lingering, friends) and yet I’ve made myself ready.

I made overnight oats yesterday for the first time in ages so my breakfast for the work week is set. My lunches aren’t quite as prepped but there’s bread for sandwiches and a few other options, too.

I have a big financial report due to the state in early October and I’m hoping to get started on that this week. I also have a meeting with my Town Administrator at work and a building committee meeting for a proposed new school in my community and there’s the Read With Us zoom meeting tomorrow night.

I’ll also be making time for reflecting on the change of seasons and my birthday, shopping for our camping trip at the end of the week, and handling whatever else comes my way.

Let’s make it a good week!

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  1. There really is something good about feeling like you have at least a few of those must do things sorted. I had a plan for this week before the weekend. Then, a few must do things sort of wedged their way into my week and I was feeling grumpy. Important stuff but more than was comfortable for the week. Happily, two of those things got bumped back a couple weeks yesterday. I’m feeling ready now. What can I say, I like a plan?! Happy Monday.

  2. F & G make Monday so much better! (as does prepped breakfasts! I have not had overnight oats in ages and they sound delicious!)

    Have a great week!

  3. Hi Fred! Hi George! Nice to see you guys!!!! XO
    It sounds like you’ve got a lot going on, Carole! I hope you can find some time to put your feet up now and again. Covid . . . is just no fun. And I remember it draining my energy for weeks afterward. (Ugh.) Hang in there!

  4. It’s good to see the boys again after a little while away from the blog! You have quite a lot on your plate this week, so I hope the cough eases. Looking forward to catching up with you on Zoom tomorrow!

  5. I hope you have a great week! Fred & George have cousins that belong to my neighbor and they spend some time each day right outside my patio door preening themselves and making my dog go crazy!

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