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Thursday Poetry

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I am not someone who reads a lot of poetry. I do, however, always enjoy the poems that Bonny and Kat and Kym share each month for their Gathering of Poetry. While I am not about to join them, I did read this poem recently and I liked it a lot and decided to share it on this last (and extra) Thursday of November. I hope you find something relatable in it, too.

Mercy by Rudy Francisco

She asks me to kill the spider.
Instead, I get the most
peaceful weapons I can find.

I take a cup and a napkin.
I catch the spider, put it outside
and allow it to walk away.

If I am ever caught in the wrong place
at the wrong time, just being alive
and not bothering anyone,

I hope I am greeted
with the same kind
of mercy.

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  1. What a lovely sentiment and action. (I refuse to kill spiders in my house in the summer. They are mosquito control devices.)

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