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2023: The Listening

I’m doing a year in review this week, focusing each day on a different hobby or part of my life. Today we are talking about . . . The Listening. And, just to clarify, I’m talking about listening to music, not podcasts or audiobooks. Let’s begin.

I have always loved music and streaming music from Spotify is my go-to way to listen these days. According to Spotify, I listened to 1,363 songs last year for 17,189 minutes and my #1 artist was Gordon Lightfoot. And here’s where I need to clarify . . . Dale and I don’t share a Spotify account but when he is home he often (errr, always) has our Alexa device play music and, turns out, she is connected to Spotify and streams that service. To say this has skewed my Spotify year in review is a gigantic understatement. I mean, my #2 artist was Jimmy Buffett and that tracks for sure but . . . let’s just say I’m going to be looking at a different way for Dale to stream music when he’s home alone.

I have quite a few playlists on Spotify that we rotate through but the one we listen to the most is called Current Favorites. It gets updated regularly, with new favorites added as we tired of others, and it’s the one we turn to when we sit down together for our Friday Night Snacks ritual. I’m sharing it here, in case you’d like to make it part of your repertoire, too.

And here’s my playlist of top songs from 2023. I think you’ll find it’s very similar to the previous one but it definitely includes a few more of Dale’s favorites.

Happy Listening!

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  1. That is a good bit of listening, Carole! We use Sonos to listen in the house, but we do not have Spotify connected via Alexa. Perhaps that might be an option?

  2. Music hath charms! I recognize many favorites on your current favorites, and while I don’t know that Gordon Lightfoot is my #1 artist, I always love to hear The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

  3. I think I must be the last person in the world who is not on Spotify! Maybe I should put that on my to-do list for next year — it would be nice to have some music on in the background in the house!

  4. Some of your favorites are mine too! Fun to see your selections. And, speaking of music, did you see the Willy Nelson 90th Birthday Party the other night? Lots of great performances.

  5. cracking up about Dale’s by-himself-usage skewing your Spotify metrics 😉 and as always, thank you for the playlist. “Playlists from other people” is my favorite way to listen to music.

  6. I can’t thank you enough for this, Carole, truly. I love music, but with all of life’s current challenges, I have let it drop out of my daily life. It has certainly affected my mood, and you have nudged me into doing something about it. I need to set up some new Spotify lists! My lists have been neglected for a while. What is your preferred method of listening? I have not been able to settle on the process that I like best, and you are certainly more experienced than I am. This is a great list, BTW, a great Christmas present for me. 🙂

  7. Tom and i share a Spotify account, too. So our year-end Spotify “report” is always pure nonsense. (In fact, it’s laughable. Every year.) (You know what else makes it laughable? The fact that – apparently – I listened to the new Foo Fighters album 24 times in June! Talk about . . . skewing the results.) Anyway, I am not a fan of the Spotify “wrapped” thing. The important thing? You love to listen to a variety of music. And so does Dale. That’s really all that matters! (And who really cares who your “top song” or “top artist” really is???) Happy listening in 2024 — with or without Dale’s tastes included in your final “report.”

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